Links & Resources

The Wet Lab Meetup Group This is where we schedule events and meetups for our lab. Join the group to learn more.

Wet Lab Google Group Our community has established this Google Group where we share technical information, articles, research papers and scientific literature, protocols and other valuable literature. The group is categorized for ease of sifting through all the wonderful content.

The Wet Lab Google Drive Document Repository holds a variety of documentation about our projects.

The Wet labLog This is our blog outlining our latest lectures, workshops, classes and happenings at the lab. Check it out for details!

Discussion categories

  • Synthetic Biology
  • Growing algae & other Species
  • Engineering Algae
  • Algae Bioreactors & sensors – hardware/sodtware
  • General Posting
  • Articles, Books & Scientific Research Papers
  • Videos
  • Protocols, Lab Books, SOPs
  • Where to buy stuff (sensors, filters, lasers, bioreactor materials, species, media etc.) This is where to post all information related to sourcing and purchasing everything from lab equipment & bio supplies to bioreactor materials to species to hardware and software
  • Lab Equipment – DIY and other


Trello is a public project management system. This is where we list our variety of projects and classes we’d like to work on. These include admin and operations projects, hardware design and building of lab equipment, and lab experiments and projects.


The Grandaddy of all DIYBio hackerspaces which opened in 2011 in the Bay Area.

The organization which spawned the whole movement in 2008. Join the list and get more information about the movement and techniques than you ever wanted!

Myths & Realities of the DIYBio Movement

How the movement is changing biotech – This is a great report on the movement and the potential to change biotech as we know it.

Green Solar Gardens

Written by Mark Edwards (excellent resource on the benefits of algae) Dr. Edwards has written this wonderful book and has made it available for download for free so that anyone can learn about the wonderful nature of algae, it’s history and why these tiny single celled creatures can change our planet for the better.