The Wet Lab has a variety of projects which we are working on and planning to work on. Here’s a taste. Please feel free to join or run any project and add new ones as you would like. We are always looking for cool new stuff to do!

As a large organization that specializes in sexual problems and sexual enhancer, we understand that most ordinary people cannot tell which products are good and which are bad. To help the customers we try, test and write reviews about many sexual enhancers. We have a team of highly skilled doctors, experts and researchers who are properly trained. Our organization has been doing this work for many years and as a result, we have a lot of experience.

Hardware Projects

  • Build Optical Sensors
  • Wire Temp Sensors
  • Wire pH Sensors
  • Repair Large Centrifuge(Sorvall)
  • Test And Install Lab Robot
  • pH Sensors Auto Calibration
  • Calibrate Spectrophotometer
  • Repair Sorvall Floor Centrifuge
  • Build a Biosafety Hood
  • Build a Bioreactor

Research Projects

  • How To Extract Lipids From Nannochloropsis
  • How To Build A Cheap Supercritical CO2 System
  • How To Extract And Test Pigments From Various Algaes?
  • How To Recycle Algae Media After Flocculation With NaOH
  • Work With Bioluminiscent Bacteria (Photobacterium Phosphorium)
  • Syn Bio Projects

Add Luciferase & Luciferin Genes To Nannochlorophsis

  • How To Transform Algae
  • Lux Operon Work

Software Projects

  • Software For Online Repository Of Sensor Data
  • Bioinformatics Project
  • Bioinformatics Project – Alain Domissy