Is Arm Lift Right for You

Is Arm Lift Right For You?

The first thing you need to know is that it’s not just a simple procedure. It involves many steps and procedures. That’s why it takes time and money to get the results. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then read on…


What are the main reasons for getting invisible arm lift surgery?

If you want to look younger, if you want to appear more attractive or confident, if you’re looking for a job or promotion etc., then the answer is obvious: because it makes your life easier.


How long does it take to get results from arm lift surgery?

It depends on how much weight you lose and how fast. The longer you wait, the less likely it will happen. So don’t waste your time waiting!


How much does arm lift surgery cost?

Arm lift surgery costs anywhere between $10,000-$20,000 depending on the type of operation performed. There are different types of surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy (removing part of stomach), sleeve gastrectomy + removal of both gallbladder and duodenum (removal only one stomach), sleeve gastrectomy + removal of both jejunum and ileum (removal only one small intestine).


What is the right age to get arm lift surgery?

Let’s get one thing straight: there is no “right age” to get arm lift surgery. Everyone can get it if they want! However, you must consider that your body should be ready for such a procedure (no medical issues at all). Don’t wait too long because your body won’t be as flexible as before. You must also consider that you need to lose some weight before the operation. You need to be at least 30 pounds (more or less) under your ideal weight.


How does arm lift surgery work exactly?

Do you want to know how the procedure works?

Great! The best way to do it is to explain the main types of arm lift surgery:

– The vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a kind of bariatric operation that involves removing part of your stomach. The smaller your stomach, the smaller your appetite will be.

The smaller your appetite, the thinner you’ll become.

– The gastric sleeve with removal of duodenum (and sometimes gallbladder) is a combination of a vertical sleeve gastrectomy and a duodenal switch (removing your gallbladder and a part of your small intestines).


What are the risks involved in arm lift surgery?

There are always risks when it comes to altering your body’s chemistry. The most common side effects are heartburn, shoulder pain, infection, vomiting, diarrhea and others.


Are there any alternatives to arm lift surgery?

One alternative would be liposuction. However, lipo is a surgery as well and the results are not permanent. You will have to maintain your figure with a healthy diet and exercise.


What is the difference between arm lift surgery and liposuction?

Liposuction is a type of body contouring surgery that removes fat from one part of your body and then suctions it out through a small cannula. In other words, it sucks the fat out. This kind of surgery can be performed on any part of the body. Other than the risks involved with all surgeries, lipo has the following side effects as well: back pain, infection, bleeding, bruising and others.

Do you still have doubts?

I’m sure you have some doubts that I haven’t been able to answer yet. Maybe you’re wondering about how to prepare for arm lift surgery or how to go about it. The best thing you can do is read as many reviews as you can find online. Also, talk to people who’ve had the procedure done already and find out if they recommend it.

If you have any other questions in mind, feel free to contact me anytime. I’m here to help!

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