The Wet Lab offers classes to anyone who is interested to learn about biology and molecular biology. Check our calendar for upcoming classes. If you would like to attend, please contact:

Clara Taylor, The Wet Lab Public Outreach Director

Our classes include:

  • DNA Barcoding. Is that fish you ordered really Tuna?
  • Green Fluorescent Protein Transformation. Learn how to engineer bacteria with the genes from jellyfish to make the bacteria glow!
  • Test your DNA for the BRCA gene. Do you carry the gene which causes breast cancer?
  • Strawberry DNA extraction. Here’s a simple technique to extract DNA from strawberries right before your eyes!
  • Distillation. Want to learn to make alcohol?
  • Crime Scene Forensics. Learn the techniques used by professionals to identify the DNA of perpetrators.
  • Lab Techniques & Safety Training. Learn how to be a professional scientist in the lab!

Citizen Science Lecture Series

The Wet Lab holds free lectures on a variety of topics related to science (especially biology) at the San Diego Downtown Library and the La Jolla Library. Topics include the latest scientific research, environmental issues, green tech, biotech and public policy. Check our calendar of events for more information and locations. Lectures are free to all but if you can offer a donation, that helps us to provide more interesting content!

Journal Club

For those who like to read scientific research papers, we gather once a month to discuss papers of interest. This is a great way for non-scientists to learn how to interpret the scientific literature and understand the complex language in the papers.

Project Sounding Board

Come join us for our latest monthly gathering where we discuss interesting project ideas of interest to our members. Have an idea but not quite sure if it makes sense? No problem! This is a perfect environment to casually discuss the scientific merits of your idea! Our technical experts are here to help.