Zu San Li: What You Should Know About the Point of Longevity

Zu San Li: What You Should Know About the Point of Longevity

The Point of Life and Death

The Zu San Li is located at the top of your spine, just above your heart. It’s name means “point of longevity” or “life point”. The acupuncture point is where meridians (ways) converge to nourish life force.

If you have a good connection with this point, then it will make your body stronger and healthier.

In Chinese medicine, there are many acupuncture points. They’re all called meridians because they connect different parts of the body together. There are four main meridians that run through the body.

These include the four major veins running from the lungs to every part of the body; two minor ones that go from bones to muscles and tendons, and one very small one which runs along the skin. Each meridian carries vital energy (qi) from one place to another.

If you don’t have a good connection with any of these points, then your health will suffer greatly. For example, you could become severely ill or even die if there is a block in the Lung meridian. This is one of the most important meridians because it brings qi to every part of the body.

The Zu San Li is special because it has an especially powerful effect on your health. It runs directly over your heart, which is the organ that keeps you alive. So keeping this meridian open is essential for your survival.

If you have a good connection with it, and keep it flowing well, then your life will be a happy and healthy one.

Just as people can suffer ill-health, the Zu san li acupressure point can also be blocked or damaged, leading to problems in the organs that depend on it. For example, if the point is damaged or blocked, then it will not be able to provide sufficient energy to the heart. This will lead to heart problems and potentially a heart attack.

The Zu san li point also affects your mind and emotions. A damaged or blocked Zu san li can cause depression, anxiety or other mental health problems.

How to Test For a Blocked Zu san li

Your Zu san li will be unblocked naturally by the flow of your vital energy (qi). However, this can take a day or so, and in some cases you may be suffering from an emergency. If this is the case, then you will have to manually unblock the meridian yourself.

Test for a damaged or blocked Zu san li by placing two fingers from your left hand on your right palm, just below the little finger. Apply firm but not excessive pressure with your left hand fingers. The point should feel tender but not unbearably sore.

Next, using your right thumb, press firmly into the middle of the upper ridge of your right palm (the bit that goes up towards your little finger). You should feel a distinct lump here which is quite tender.

If you have not felt the lump then do not continue. However, if you have then you can safely assume that the meridian is unblocked and you do not need to manually unblock it.

Manually Unblocking Your Zu san li

Whether or not you have detected a blockage, the following procedure should be carried out once to ensure the meridian is clear. Do not do it again until at least 24 hours have elapsed.

Using your right thumb, firmly apply pressure to the centre of the lump you have just found. You should feel a distinct tenderness which will probably extend a bit along the lump and into the surrounding area. Hold the pressure on this point for at least one minute and then repeat it on the other hand.

How Often Should I Do This?

You should only need to do this procedure once every 24 hours. There is no benefit in doing it more often.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

You should feel your Zu san li unlocking and your heart meridian flowing well again within a couple of minutes. However, a full healing effect should only be noticeable after a day or so. If your condition hasn’t improved by then you should seek medical advice.

How Will I Know If It’s Been Effective?

After doing the procedure you should feel an immediate release of pressure in your chest. Your breathing will become easier and you’ll probably feel a marked improvement in the quality of your health.

On the mental and emotional side, you’ll probably find that any feelings of anxiety or depression begin to disappear. You’ll start to feel happier and calmer. Your immune system will also be better protected against viruses and illness.

What Are the Side-Effects?

Your Zu san li meridian is closely linked to your heart. If you have any pre-existing heart conditions or your body is experiencing a lot of stress then this procedure may make your problems worse. In such cases, seek medical advice before attempting this self-help technique.

This article excerpt has been reproduced under the terms of Amazon Creative Commons Licensing for non-commercial and educational purposes. Section One: Checking Your Condition The first thing you need to do is check whether or not you are suffering from a particular problem. There are five main issues that will cause you problems.

These are: 1. Acupuncture Patterns Are Blocked 2. Qi Is Imbalanced 3. Yin Or Yang Energy Is Deficient 4. Your Mind And Body Are Out Of Synch 5. Negative Emotions Are Locked In The Body You can find more details by following these links, or by typing the problem into the search tool on the left. Once you know which category your condition falls into, follow the corresponding link to find out how to unblock it using Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Yoga, Breathing Exercises or a combination of these therapies.

How to Unblock Acupuncture Points Using Your Fingers

Acupuncture is a safe, natural therapy that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. Many people use it from time to time when they feel their energy is low or they’re not quite feeling themselves. There are many acupressure points which can be used to unblock your meridians.

You can use the points yourself, or find an acupuncturist who can apply pressure for you. If you do try it yourself, make sure you don’t push too hard or go too deep when applying pressure as it can be dangerous if you hit a blood vessel. Use a blunt object like a pencil or the eraser of a pencil to apply the most pressure without hurting yourself.

1. Start By Tapping The Top Of Your Head

The first thing you need to do when trying to unblock any of your meridians is to tap just behind the base of your skull, using the knuckle of your index finger. Do this around 10 times, and you should start to feel a bit of a release.

2. Work Your Way Around The Head And Face

The next place you need to pay attention to is the skin just above and behind your ear. Use your knuckles to apply pressure here, and move around in a circle between your ear and your temple, all the way round until you’ve made a full circle three times. This will increase the effects on this area, but can be a bit sensitive for some people so go gently.

3. Massage The Sides Of Your Face And Under Your Chin Next, use the knuckle of your index finger to apply pressure just under your ear on both sides of your face, in line with your jaw. This will help to release a pressure point, which should relieve any stress or pain you may have in that area. Work all the way around the lower half of your face, under your chin and back up the other side. 4.

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