Why Protein Makes Your Farts Stink and How to Treat Flatulence

Protein makes your farts stink because it contains nitrogenous waste products such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide (a rotten egg smell), methane, carbon dioxide, and sulfur compounds. These gases are produced when proteins break down during digestion. Nitrogenous wastes are not only toxic but they can cause other problems such as:

• Gas gangrene – if the gas builds up enough it will lead to death from suffocation. If left untreated, this condition may result in severe internal bleeding.

• Blisters on mouth and throat – these blisters may burst causing blood loss and even death.

• Heart failure – high levels of ammonia in the body can damage the heart muscle leading to sudden cardiac arrest.

How to treat flatulence?

There are many things you can do to help with flatulence. You could try some of these suggestions:

1) Eat less meat and dairy products, which contain excess amounts of fat and cholesterol.

Fatty foods increase flatus production. Also avoid eating large meals, since this increases the amount of food consumed per time period.

2) Chew food thoroughly, eat slowly, and avoid drinking anything for at least one hour before and after eating.

3) Try not to become stressed or excited as this causes a lot of air to be swallowed.

Also try to relax when eating by sitting down and not doing anything else at the same time (such as working or driving).

4) Eat a fiber rich diet, since this binds with some of the toxic by-products produced from protein digestion.

Vegetables such as cabbage, artichokes, broccoli, and cauliflower contain a lot of fiber. In fact, eating a bowl or two (raw) of any of these vegetables daily may help prevent wind.

5) Chewing gum containing xylitol may reduce the amount of gas produced by bacteria in the gut.

6) Herbal tea prepared from the leaves of the senna plant is another good remedy for preventing wind.

Senna leaves are available at most health food shops.

7) If all else fails or if you have serious problems, you may want to try beano.

This is a tablet that you can take before eating foods high in carbohydrates (fiber). It contains enzymes that digest some of the carbohydrates thus altering the digestive process so that less gas is produced.

Most of these procedures may take a little getting used to, but if you have flatulence that is really bothering you (to the point of embarrassment), they could be well worth the effort.

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