Why Has My Hair Stopped Growing

Why Has My Hair Stopped Growing?

The answer to this question is not simple or straightforward. There are many factors involved in the cause of my hair stopping growing. Some of them include: genetics, diet, exercise habits, stress levels, medications used and other health issues. You may have heard that there are several things which can cause your hair to stop growing but they all depend on your individual genes and lifestyle choices.


There are different types of hair growth. They are called: alopecia, telogen, and permanent. Alopecia is the most common type of hair loss and affects about 1% of men over 65 years old. Telogen means “shorter” and refers to the gradual slowing down of hair growth.

Permanent hair loss occurs when the follicles (the tiny hairs) become damaged and die. The hair grows back slowly and at a slower rate than before.

Diet & Exercise Habits

Hair loss is caused by many factors including: diet, exercise habits, hormonal changes, genetics and age. Diet plays a major role in causing hair loss because it affects how much food you eat and what kind of nutrients are absorbed into your body. Poor diet and malnutrition have been linked to causing hair loss but, on the other hand, eating a well-balanced diet can make your hair stronger and healthier.

Some nutrients that you need to eat for healthy hair growth are: iron, protein, biotin, and fatty acids. Iron helps the red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body and to the hair follicles in order to produce new hair strands.

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