Why Getting Tanning Injections Is Dangerous and Should Be Avoided

Why getting Tanning Injections?

Getting a tan is not only fun but it helps you look younger too. But there are some risks associated with getting a tan. Here are few reasons why:

1) Melanotan Injection Can Cause Cancerous Growths On Skin

Melanotan injection causes cancerous growths on skin which may cause skin cancers such as melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma. If you have ever had any type of skin cancer then you would know what these types of cancers look like. They are usually slow growing and they don’t kill you immediately. You might need to go through treatment for years before your life is saved from them.

2) Melanotan Injection May Cause Other Health Problems Like Hepatitis B And C

In addition to skin cancer, melanotan injection can cause other health problems like hepatitis B and c. These diseases are very dangerous and if left untreated can lead to liver failure. Liver failure is one of the leading causes of death among those under 50 years old.

3) Melanotan Injection May Lead To A Bad Tattoo

If you get a tattoo done with melanotan injection, you could end up having a bad tattoo because the ink used in tattoos made from this substance will stain your skin and make it bleed easily. If you want a tattoo then you are better off getting it done the old fashioned way and if you already have a bad tattoo then you should get it treated immediately.

4) Melanotan Injection May Lead To Unfavorable Appearance Of The Skin And Body

Some people think that if they tan with melanotan injection, they will look young forever, but this is not true. In fact, tanning with this substance can lead to changes in skin and body appearance that you wouldn’t like to have. The most common changes that people notice with this substance is the skin becoming dry and flaky. This is especially true if you already suffer from dry skin problems.

Other changes include changes of color in your skin, which is more susceptible to sunburn after using this substance.

5) Melanotan Injection May Lead To Changes In Metabolism And Digestive System

Another common problem that people suffer from when using this substance is a slow down in their metabolism. This causes people to gain weight very easily after tanning with this substance. It is also known to cause changes in the digestive system and stomach problems such as acid reflux.

Melanotan Injection Buyers Guide

The following are do’s and don’ts when using this substance:


Only use this substance if you have a good knowledge of how to tan the right way. This means acquiring a base tan before using this substance and doing it slowly in order to prevent all the problems that can come with this product. This is known as “building up a resistance”.


Use this substance more than once a day and don’t use it more than 5 times a week. This will prevent you from getting all the health problems that come with this tanning substance.


Get a skin cancer check up before using this substance and get one every six months afterwards. This is to make sure that you are not developing any types of skin cancer on your body due to frequent use of this product.


If you start developing a rash, hives or other skin related problem then stop using this substance immediately. These are signs of an allergic reaction to this product and it is important that you seek medical help if you experience any of these while using this product.


Use sunscreen. This is especially important if you have dark skin and tend to burn very quickly in the sun. Also get plenty of rest if you are using this product because it may cause drowsiness or make it hard to stay awake otherwise.

Melanotan Injection Dosage

The standard dosage for this substance is between .05mg and 5mg. Most people who use this substance will start by taking a small dosage such as .5mg and then gradually increasing the dosage over time.

Some people will build up a tolerance to this substance and be able to increase their dosage to as high as 50mg, but most people will stick to dosages between 1mg and 5mg as this is enough to tan them without making them feel unwell or causing other problems.

It is recommended to inject the melanotan into your arm (either veins or muscle) as this will get into your blood stream quicker than if you were to take it orally. Injections can be painful so it is recommended that you use a smaller dosage until your body builds up a resistance and then increase it afterwards.

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