Why Do Some People Have Four-Pack Abs

Why Do Some People Have Four-Pack Abs?

The question why some people have four-pack abs is not only interesting but it can be very helpful in understanding the human body. When we are young our bodies are still developing. After puberty, most of us start to lose muscle mass due to hormonal changes. Most of us don’t gain any fat because our metabolism slows down. We need less calories than before and we burn them faster too. Our muscles become smaller and weaker. So when we get older, our bodies are no longer able to maintain their size or strength anymore. That’s why many of us start to develop various kinds of health problems such as arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

Some people believe that they have developed certain physical traits because of having fewer muscle fibers in their body. If we had more muscle fibers, then we would be able to lift heavier weights. Also if we were stronger, then we could run faster and jump higher. We could have more endurance and we wouldn’t get tired out as quickly. We might even be able to survive in harsh conditions such as the Arctic or the desert.

But if we had more muscle fibers then our joints, tendons, and bones might not be able to handle it. When they fail, then serious accidents can happen. Most of us don’t need that kind of strength and we might not even want it either. It would make our body look strange too if we develop big muscles that aren’t proportionate to the rest of our body. Certain sports require heavy physical exertion so we do need more muscle mass. But in the case of the average person, he or she is better off with having a leaner and fitter body instead.

Most of us don’t have six-pack abs all the time. In fact, most of us usually don’t have them at all. It’s not like they just pop up when someone flexes his or her muscles. Most of us usually see them on fitness models and actors in movies. Even then, it’s most likely due to the lighting and the angles used in taking pictures or filming movies.

If we were able to see under their belly buttons, then we will probably find a little layer of fat there. They are not really made of concrete after all. This is just our minds playing tricks on us again due to idealization and expectation.

Most of us know someone who has six-pack abs most of the time and we envy them for it. We might even be so obsessed with sculpting our abdominal muscles that we forget to maintain the rest of our body. Some people only have four-pack abs but they still look good.


It’s because they have other features that make them look attractive. There is more than one way to skin a cat as they say.

In closing, don’t feel down if you don’t have those six-pack abs. There are many people who don’t have them and still look good. Even if you do have them, it doesn’t make you better than anyone else either. Most of us have different genetics and we cannot all be the same. So the next time you see an attractive person with six-pack abs, just appreciate their looks and don’t feel inadequate because of it.

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