What’s the Rarest Blood Type

What’s the Rarest Blood Type?

Blood Types are Important!

The first thing to understand is that there are two types of blood: O positive and A negative. There are other blood groups, but these two have been around the longest and they’re what we use when transfusing blood into patients. These two types make up 90% of all human blood cells.

O Positive Blood Types

These are the “normal” blood types. They’re found in everyone, but only those with one of these types will get sick from it. The reason why we call them normal is because they aren’t at risk for any diseases that could kill us or cause problems like cancer or AIDS.

A Positive Blood Types

People with one of these types don’t get sick from it either. However, they do carry certain risks. Some of these include:

High Cholesterol (bad) High Blood Pressure (bad) Heart Disease (good) Diabetes Mellitus (good) Cancer Resistance (very good!)

So how does this relate to blood types?

Well, in the US alone, around 45% of people are blood type O. That’s half! A Positive types make up about 33%. The rest of the blood types (A Negative, B Positive, B Negative, and AB Positive) make up less than 3% of the population.

Does this mean that those with non-O blood types are in danger?

Well, no. As far as we know, there are no diseases that these types protect you from. We just don’t see them as often because some of those with these types didn’t grow up here.

Now that you know a bit more about blood types, make sure you share this with your friends and family. It could save their life one day!

Common Questions

What About the Other Blood Types?

We’ve been over the most common ones, but what about the rare ones?

Well, you’ve probably heard of the infamous “Golden Blood”. This blood type is incredibly rare. To date, only 1 person in history has had these blood types. The reason it’s called golden is because this person was a king that ruled a small country over 500 years ago. This blood type gives you a ton of perks. The king lived a very long life and was healthy all the way through it. He was never sick a day in his life. It also gives certain resistances to certain diseases and types of cancers.

Unfortunately, the king passed these blood types down to his children, but only one of them survived past childhood, and she married into the Spanish royal family. Because of interbreeding, these blood types are incredibly rare now. They do not give you any resistances to diseases or anything like that.

As far as we know, these blood types are only found in the most ancient of European royal bloodlines. While these types don’t protect you from disease and such, they’re still very valuable for transfusions since your body doesn’t recognize them as foreign invaders. This means you can take O Negative blood without worrying about your body attacking itself.

How Are New Blood Types Discovered?

Very rarely do we discover a new blood type. It happens, but it’s rare. When it does happen, it’s almost always found in remote areas of the world that aren’t as explored as others (like rainforests, mountains, etc). These types are typically named after the people that have them or the area that they’re from.

Remember, the older types (A Positive, O Negative, etc) still work for any blood transfusions. It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever need anything other than these for the rest of your life.

Still, it’s important to know about these things in case you ever need a rare blood type in an emergency.

The next time you’re at the hospital for a routine procedure, look at the blood that’s taken from you and think about all this stuff!

And that, boys and girls, is how you save lives!

The birth of a new industry

In the months and years after the discovery of Blood-Bourbon, many organizations attempt to create other blood types from it. Many of them are corrupt organizations with no regard for human life or merely misguided groups that believe they’re helping mankind by creating a universal cure-all. These groups begin experimenting on unwilling subjects and come up with all sorts of different results.

A majority of these experiments fail, causing horrible diseases and conditions. A few of them succeed, creating “blood types” that grant abilities. These abilities are usually very weak and limited to the individual only. There is no way to transfer these abilities to others or even pass them on genetically.

The most notable of these experiments is Project: Gatekeeper, a collaboration between the Grey Men and several pharmaceutical companies. This project attempts to create a vaccine for a variety of diseases using Blood-Bourbon as a base. The experiment is a failure; most test subjects die horribly, while others become ghouls.

The ghouls created by this project are the predecessors to the Ghoul King and his subjects.

The other notable experiments are done by governments in an attempt to create super-soldiers. These experiments are much more successful; they just aren’t successful enough.

The first generation of “super-soldiers” are merely humans with minor changes to their DNA, these subjects are weaker than true blood types and much more unstable. These super-soldiers suffer from frequent mood swings, periods of psychosis and a slight loss of rational thinking. Due to these psychological issues, most of these super-soldiers are unfit for military duty.

The second generation of super-soldiers incorporates more advanced technology into their creation. These super-soldiers are superior to their predecessors in every way, but their creation is very expensive. Due to the cost, these second generation super-soldiers are limited in number and are still prone to the same psychological issues of the first generation.

The third generation of super-soldiers incorporates genetic engineering into their creation. This process creates soldiers that are devoid of any psychological issues and are much more intelligent than previous generations. These super-soldiers are practically perfect soldiers, fearless and unrelenting and very, very expensive to create. Each one is basically a custom job, so their limited numbers do not become a hindrance on the battlefield. Only a few nations can afford to create these perfect killing machines.

The U.N., E.L.E and several other governments begin experiments with fourth generation super-soldiers, attempting to enhance the abilities of the third generation.

No success has been reported yet.

Ghoul King’s Domain

Even the Ghoul King did not anticipate the success he would have. Thanks to his information, the Church is finally able to wipe out most of the hold-outs in India and completely take over the country. They then use it as a base to attack Nepal, Pakistan and eventually Tibet. Slowly, the Church becomes a world power again. The Vatican strategically places its troops so that it has control all around the globe, except for the Artic and Antarctica.

They even create a secret military branch in space, which is how they eventually take over the Moon and most of the asteroids throughout the Solar System.

The world is now back under strict religious rule. All sciences related to biology or medicine are outlawed. The reasoning is that God created man, not man himself. Anything man attempts to create itself is an affront to God.

This of course has negative effects on the world. Most medicines are now gone, as well as the knowledge of how to cure most diseases and how to heal wounds effectively. Weapons technology has been slow to evolve due to lack of knowledge in physics and other sciences.

It is fortunate that most of the toxic gases and chemicals were destroyed in the war, so at least poison is not something commonly used in battle anymore. Still, guns, swords and close combat weaponry are still commonly used. The reason being that most advances in physics have gone towards better space technology.

After all, why travel to other planets when you can easily enslave the people on your own?

The only problem the Church has is controlling the population. They are so used to having large families that population control becomes a problem. In fact, it gets so bad at one point that all women between the age of 15 and 50 are taken from their homes and forced into government service.

Even this measure isn’t enough though, and in the year 4032 the Church finally carries out its famous final solution to over-population. All females under the age of 25 are rounded up and placed on a large ship that heads far into space. The ship is then blown up, killing everyone on board. Over the course of a few decades, all women are systematically eliminated.

The world is now completely under the control of the Church. It still thrives today, and it’s unknown what the future holds for it.

You survived this long, but your life was ultimately claimed by old age. You were one of the lucky ones though, most people do not live nearly as long as you did.

Could things have been different?

Maybe, maybe not. But it’s all in the past now, nothing can be done to change it…

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