What’s the Average Weight for Women

What’s the Average Weight for Women?

The average weight of a woman varies from country to country. For example, in Japan, the average weight of a woman is around 60 kilograms (132 pounds). In some countries like France or Italy, the average weight of a woman is between 55 and 58 kilograms (123 – 126 pounds). The United States averages around 50 kilograms (110 pounds) for women. There are many reasons why these weights vary so much among different countries. One reason is because there are different cultural norms regarding what constitutes “normal” body size. Another reason is due to differences in dieting practices across various countries. A third reason could be due to differences in the amount of exercise that young women do compared with older women. Finally, it is possible that the difference in average weight for men and women may have something to do with their genetic makeup.

Average Weight Chart for Women

In order to get an idea of the average weight for women, we will use the following chart:

Country Average Weight for Men Country Average Weight for Women United Kingdom 53kg Australia 51kg Canada 49kg Ireland 48kg New Zealand 47kg Germany 46kg Sweden 45kg Denmark 44kg Norway 43kg Finland 42kg Switzerland 41kg Portugal 40kg Netherlands 39.5k Russia 38.7k Brazil 37.3k South Africa 36.7k United States 35.3k China 33.8k Tunisia 33k Morocco 32.3k Libya 31.1k India 30.7k Saudi Arabia 28.4k Egypt 27.9k

The above chart shows the average weight for both men and women from a list of countries.

Average Weight by Height Chart for Women

In addition to average weight, it can also be helpful to know what the average weight by height is for women. This can be used as a reference to see if one’s own weight is appropriate for one’s height.

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