What You Should Know Before Getting a Smiley Piercing

What You Should Know Before Getting a Smiley Piercing: Pros & Cons

Pros of a Smiley Piercing?

Smileys are one of the most popular piercings. They are simple to do and they look cute. There is no need to worry about getting it wrong or having complications during the procedure. A smiley piercing looks good on girls, boys, men, women and even children!

The best thing about a smiley piercing is that there are no risks involved. If you have any concerns about the procedure, then get it done by someone with experience. There are many reputable companies which offer this type of service.

There are several reasons why a person would want to get a smiley pierced. One reason could be because they like animals and animals in general. Another reason might be that they enjoy making other people happy through their smiles!

Another reason might be that they like to make fun of others. Some people may want to get a smiley piercing because they think it makes them look cool or funny. However, some people just don’t like the idea of being poked with needles and feel uncomfortable doing so.

Others still don’t believe that smiling will cause pain and discomfort.

A third reason might be due to fear of infection during the procedure. Some people do not wish to go through the hassle of getting a smiley piercing because they don’t want to get an infection.

When done by someone with experience, a smiley piercing is usually quick and easy. It can be achieved in as fast as five minutes, possibly even less.

One major advantage of getting a smiley piercing is that you don’t need planning. This is because some people are often unprepared when it comes to piercing procedures. This can cause unnecessary problems.

Another major advantage of getting a smiley piercing is that it is safe. There are no severe consequences involved. There are no lasting issues or anything like that.

Cons of a Smiley Piercing?

A smiley piercing can lead to severe consequences. For example, in the worse-case scenario, it can result in death. It is best to get a smiley piercing from someone who has experience.

There are many things which can go wrong during a smiley piercing. There is a chance of the equipment being unclean or improperly used. Another issue might be due to the location in which the procedure is performed.

Some people get a smiley piercing because they like the company of others who have them. Others do it to avoid boredom or for personal fulfillment. Some people get a smiley piercing as part of a birthday celebration, holiday, season or special event.

Some people get a smiley piercing in order to boost their self-esteem or self-confidence. They may even want it for spiritual reasons. Some people may become addicted to smiley piercings.

They may become addicted to the risks involved.

Smiley Piercing: Getting Started

Before getting a smiley piercing, it is best to do your research first. During your search for the right piercer and the right studio, you should be very careful. It may be best to check out several profiles and to read reviews from past customers.

By doing this, you can be sure that you are going to a good place.

Another great way to find a good piercer is to get recommendations from people you know. However, keep in mind that not all of these recommendations will be good. Asking around could help you find the right piercer for you and it could save you time and money as well.

It is also important to know what you are getting yourself into before getting a smiley piercing. During your research, you should figure out what materials will most likely be used. You should also know the proper aftercare procedure for this type of piercing.

If you don’t know anything about what you’re getting yourself into, it would be best to do some more research.

What Else Should You Consider?

During your search for a smiley piercing, you might encounter a few other things during your research. You might find that there are certain places which offer more than just smiley piercings. Some of these places may offer a variety of different body mods and procedures.

It is important to remember that not all piercing parlors are the same. There are good places to get pierced and there are bad places as well. During your search for a smiley piercing, you should be cautious.

It would be best to avoid the bad piercing parlors at all costs.

Picking a good place to get pierced is very important. Not only do these places offer quality services and excellent customer care, but they also have the right tools for the job. The right tools are necessary in order to prevent any infections or other complications from occurring.

Some people may find that there are so many options out there. As long as you do your research, you can easily find a good place to get a smiley piercing. Don’t forget that these places should be able to provide this service without any trouble at all.

Aftercare and Pain

After getting a smiley piercing, you are going to want to provide proper aftercare. This is very important for the piercing to heal up quickly and without any complications. You may also find that when it comes to pain, some smiley piercings are more painful than others.

Like most smiley piercings, a hard cartilage smiley piercing is definitely more painful than other types. It may be best to keep this in mind during your search for a good place to get pierced. Not only do you need a higher degree of skill and practice, but you may also need a higher pain tolerance as well.

Another thing you may want to consider is the healing process. It is said that most smiley piercings, regardless of the type and placement, heal much quicker than other types of piercings. However, as with anything else, this all depends on your body and your anatomy.

Not all smiley piercings are going to be exactly the same. Keep this in mind and make sure to prepare yourself for anything. Whether this means preparing yourself mentally or preparing yourself with the right aftercare products, you’re going to want to do your research before getting this type of piercing.

Other Options

There are a few other options for smiley piercings that you may want to consider as well. For one, you could go with a surface smiley piercing. These are a lot less invasive and much easier to heal.

As a result of this, they’re a lot less painful than other types of smiley piercings.

Alternatively, you could just go with regular lip piercings if you’re looking to do something like this, but not nearly as extreme. Of course, this all comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for.


As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to smiley piercings. Whether you’re looking to get one for yourself or a loved one, you’ve come to the right place. If you do decide to go through with this type of piercing, make sure to prepare yourself.

Keep in mind that not all smiley piercings are created equally. It is important to do your research and find the right place to get this done. Not only do you want to get it done safely, but you also want the experience to be an enjoyable one.

There are many qualified professionals out there that are more than happy to help you out. All you have to do is find one that works for you.

Just remember that no matter what you decide, the final say is always yours. Whether you go through with it or not is entirely up to you. However, if you do decide to get this done, make sure to take proper care of it afterwards.

Too many people rush into things without thinking about the consequences. Don’t let that be you. Good luck.

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