What You Need to Know About Nair Hair Depilatory

What You Need To Know About Nair Hair Removal

Nair is a natural product which removes unwanted hair from your body. It comes in different forms such as cream, gel, lotion, liquid and powder form. There are many reasons why you need to know about nair hair removal. One reason is because it’s not just used for removing unwanted hair but also for treating other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Another reason is because it helps prevent hair loss.

How Long Does Nair Last Before Hair Grows Back?

There are two types of nair products: those which contain alcohol and those without. Alcohol-based nair products usually last longer than non-alcohol based ones due to its chemical composition. The main ingredient in nair is aloe vera leaf juice, which contains a compound called aloin (also known as glycoside). Aloin works by breaking down the bonds between proteins and fats in the hair follicle. Once these bonds are broken, new strands of hair grow out.

The second type of nair is made up of ingredients which do not include any alcohol. These ingredients may be used for several purposes including treating acne, rashes, dandruff, warts and more. They work by preventing hair growth naturally or they act as anti-fungal agents. These ingredients include things like eucalyptus oil, clove oil, mustard oil, menthol and more.

The nair without alcohol is not as strong as the one with alcohol and may need to be reapplied several times for best results. If you have thicker or coarser hair then you may need to reapply the nair more than once.

Can I Use Nair Twice In One Day?

The simple answer to this is no, you should not use nair more than once a day. As I mentioned earlier, the nair without alcohol will not be as strong and may not last very long. You can try reapplying it once or twice but make sure you give the hair and skin time to recover from the chemical burn.

Nair Hair Removal

Nair is one of the most popular hair removal methods in the market. It comes in many forms such as cream, liquid, spray and even wax strips. The most popular types of nair are the lotion form and the cream form. You should choose which one to use depending on the area you want to remove hair from.

Areas like arms, legs, underarms and most parts of the body are best done with a nair lotion. This is because it is easier to apply lotion on these parts and they dry quicker. On the other hand, you would use nair cream on smaller areas like your face or lower legs. Nair wax strips are for those who want fast and convenient hair removal.

How Does Nair Work?

Nair contains a chemical called sodium hydroxide which is also known as lye. This chemical is what burns your skin and removes your hair from the root. The lotion or cream is applied to your skin and left for about 10 minutes. This is so the hair can be absorbed by the chemical. After 10 minutes, you should wash off the cream or lotion thoroughly. You might experience a mild tingling or burning sensation after this.

After 48 hours you will start to notice the hair falling out or will start to see small bumps on your skin. These bumps are where the hair is starting to grow back and you will eventually have to pluck it out. This process is repeated after every 48 hours until all the hairs are gone.

Common Nair Hair Removal Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about nair. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please visit our contact page and ask us directly. We’ll try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Does Nair Work On All Skin Types?

Nair is made for all skin types. There are a few exceptions of course such as if you have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, if you’re using it on sensitive areas such as the eyes or genitals or if you’re using it on open wounds. People with sensitive skin may find that their skin is irritated by nair. This can be combated by using a mild, oil-free moisturizer after hair removal.

What Should I Avoid Before Using Nair?

You should avoid using nair on sensitive areas such as your genitals, eyes or other mucus membranes. You can also use an allergy test 48 hours before applying it to find out if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.

What Are The Side Effects Of Nair?

The most common side effects of nair include redness, irritation, burning and itching. This will go away after a few hours and can be alleviated by using a lotion or oil-free moisturizer. In some rare cases, you may also experience allergic reactions such as a rash, swelling or difficulty breathing. If you experience any of these symptoms then seek medical attention immediately.

Where Can I Use Nair?

Nair is suitable for use all over your body except for your eyes, genitals and open wounds. These are the most sensitive areas on your body and nair might cause complications if used here.

Can I Use Nair If I’m Pregnant?

It’s best not to use nair if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. Even though there is no scientific evidence that links nair to infertility there have been isolated incidents of women who experienced issues with conceiving after using nair. As a precaution, it’s best not to use nair during your pregnancy. It’s always best to speak with your doctor before using any product if you’re pregnant.

Can I Use Nair On My Dog?

No! You should never use nair on your cat or dog. It is not cruelty-free and you can severely burn or irritate their skin leaving them in unnecessary pain. If you have an excessive amount of fur on your pet, opt for a pet specific hair removal product such as petfeesh.

Does Nair Work On All Types Of Hair?

Nair works best on hair that is growing in it’s natural color. This means if your hair is grey, white or some other unnatural color then nair probably won’t work as well. The best way to find out is to do an allergy test 48 hours before using it on a larger area.

Does Nair Work On Pubic Hair?

Nair is not specifically designed for use on your private area. It can be used if you do an allergy test 48 hours before using it and take extra care when applying it to this area. Hair in this region is also much thicker than other areas such as your arms or legs which means you may need to use more product or do the treatment more than once.

Does Nair Work On Men?

Nair is suitable for use on men. If you do experience skin irritation then it’s best to stop using it and consult a doctor. It does not contain any ingredients that are specifically designed to be harmful to men. However, men may find that they need to use more nair on thicker areas of hair.

Does Nair Work On Darker Skinned People?

Nair can be used without worry on people with all different skin types. The effects may be slightly more noticable for people with darker skin types as the chemical reaction that removes the hair will cause a slight lightening of the skin.

Does Nair Work On White Hair?

Yes, nair is suitable for use on white hair. It may take more treatments to get results but it should be effective.

Does Nair Work On Permanently Wet Or Waterproof Hair?

Yes, nair does work even if the hair you are trying to remove is permanently wet or waterproof. It will take extra time and effort but it should still be effective.

Does Nair Come With A Skin Colorant?

Nair does not contain a skin colorant however you can buy a skin colorant separately. It comes in a bottle that attaches to the nair bottle and works by mixing a little of the liquid into the nair cream. It’s designed to help prevent tell-tale white patches on your skin after using the nair product.

Does Nair Color Your Hair When It Falls Out?

It can but only if you leave the hair to grow back. If the hair is shaved or removed quickly then there shouldn’t be a problem with coloration.

Does Nair Stain Clothing?

Nair will not stain clothing but it can clog up shower drains. It’s best to do this treatment in the bath or over a sink.

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