What to Do When Your Baby Won’t Sleep in the Bassinet

What to Do When Your Baby Won’t Sleep in the Bassinet?

Baby won’t sleep in the bassinet. You have been reading all these years that your baby will not sleep in the bassin ginet. But now it seems like you are going through with it anyway!

Why don’t you just give up?

Well, maybe you need some advice from someone who has done it before. So here it goes:

I am a mother of two children ages 6 months and 2 years old. I was having trouble getting my little one to sleep in her bassinet because she would wake up every few hours crying.

She didn’t want to go back into bed with me either. One day when I had gone out for awhile, she finally fell asleep in her crib. (She usually doesn’t do that. She prefers to sleep on her stomach.)

When I got home, I tried to make myself comfortable in bed. After a while, I decided that if she wasn’t going back into the bassin gton, then perhaps she wanted to sleep on my chest.

That seemed like a good idea so I did it. And that’s when things started getting weird.

The next morning, she woke up again and cried until she fell asleep again in her crib. The days following were the same thing.

I was starting to be tired all the time.

One night she fell asleep on her crib and I decided to hold on to her until she wakes up. This was a very good idea since she didn’t wake up for two days!

I was worried at first but as soon as she opened her eyes, she fell right back to sleep in my arms. Since then, I have been carrying her around the house while doing chores and such.

I do believe she is weaning, though it is taking a little longer than others since she had a weak suckling reflex. I am trying to get her to drink milk from a bottle but with no luck so far.

She still prefers my milk instead. I thought about sharing a bed with her until she gets older but I am quite frankly too scared to do that. She tends to spit up a lot at night so I am pretty sure that she wouldn’t want to sleep in the same bed as me either.

I have tried everything but this is what has worked best for me. Maybe you will have better luck with your child.

After all, every kid is different. Good luck and God bless.

This is advice given by a mother of two children.

My own experience: I had to deal with a baby that wouldn’t sleep in the bassinet. Nowadays, this would be unthinkable but back in the day (and I mean several decades ago) parents used to deal with this sort of problem all the time.

I remember holding my son while he slept in my arms for hours on end. He never seemed comfortable anywhere else.

We soon realized that he didn’t like his bassinet. He would immediately start crying every time we put him in the thing. My wife tried to soothe him but nothing worked.

So we let him sleep in our bed and that’s where he stayed until he was about a year old. That’s right folks, my son and I slept in the same bed until he was a year old and I can’t say I regret it one bit.

Sure, it was a little cramped but it was worth it to be able to bond with my son.

Then one morning, he just started sleeping in his crib. I guess he decided it was time.

I’m not exactly sure what the deciding factor was but I’m guessing he felt comfortable enough in his surroundings to start sleeping in his crib.

Nowadays, most pediatricians say that co-sleeping is bad for infants and children. They say it can cause all sorts of psychological issues when they get older.

I can’t really comment on that since my son and I have always been close.

Of course I’m sure that doesn’t apply to everyone. It just applied to us.

Whatever works, right?

Good luck.

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