What Is Sodium Caseinate? Everything You Need to Know

What Is Sodium Caseinate?

Sodium caseinate is a type of protein hydrolysate used in the production of many processed foods. SAC stands for “synthetic amino acid” and it’s made from soybeans or wheat gluten. There are several types of SAC, but they all have similar properties: They’re proteins that can’t be digested by humans, so they must be broken down into smaller pieces before being absorbed by your body. They’re not digestible by animals either, so they must be broken down into smaller pieces before being absorbed by them.

The main difference between these different types of SAC is their molecular weight. The higher the molecular weight, the longer it takes for your body to break them down.

For example, whey protein (which contains both whey and casein) has a high molecular weight of 1263 while casein has a low molecular weight of 637. So if you were to eat one spoonful of each, your body would need to absorb and metabolize both proteins for at least 30 minutes before you could feel any benefits.

As far as what happens when your body absorbs these different types of SAC, it depends on which ones are in the product. Whey protein isolate is a good example because it comes with two kinds of SAC.

One kind is called casein and the other is called whey. Both are absorbed quickly, but the casein is absorbed slowly.

The reason why casein is absorbed slowly and whey is absorbed quickly is because of their amino acid compositions. The amino acid leucine, for example, is metabolized quickly because your body needs it right away for muscle development and repair.

The amino acid phenylalanine, on the other hand, is metabolized slowly because your body doesn’t need it right away and can store it for later use. In fact, your body can store it for years without ever using it, which is why its known as a “limiting” amino acid.

So as far as the benefits and side effects of SACs, it’s all about what the manufacturer puts into the product and how much of each kind they decide to include. It’s also important to note that SACs are not only found in protein powders; they’re used in many other products as well.

For example, many medical drugs use SACs to extend their shelf lives, and this is usually mentioned in the list of ingredients on the packaging.

Sodium caseinate side effects

Just like all other types of protein powder and supplements, sodium caseinate has its share of benefits and risks. When it comes to experiencing side effects from this supplement, however, it’s mostly a question of whether or not you’re allergic to any of the ingredients.

Most of the ingredients in SACs are safe for almost anyone to consume, but some people have problems with them. Here’s a list of the main ingredients found in this supplement and a brief assessment of their benefits and risks.

Sodium caseinate – Since it’s an ingredient in this supplement, you can assume it has no benefits and 100% risk. Even if you aren’t allergic to it, you’re better off avoiding it altogether.

Calcium caseinate – By the time this ingredient gets absorbed into your body, it’s been broken down into casein and calcium. As far as risks go, there aren’t any as far as studies show.

There might be a slight increase in blood cholesterol, but this is usually not an issue for most people.

Lactose – Like many other ingredients in this supplement, it has no risks or benefits when consumed in normal amounts.

Skim milk – This ingredient is pretty much the same as lactose and has no known side effects or risks.

Whey protein concentrate – It’s basically a less refined version of whey protein that still contains some lactose. It doesn’t have any notable side effects, but it may cause problems for people who are severely allergic to milk.

Whey protein isolate – This is the purest form of whey, so it has no lactose or carbs. It doesn’t have any notable side effects either.

Hydrolyzed milk protein – This ingredient is broken down into casein, whey, and lactose. It has no known side effects or risks, but it may cause problems for people who are severely allergic to milk.

Hydrolyzed casein – This ingredient is broken down into casein and glycine. When consumed in normal amounts, it has no risks or side effects.

Calcium phosphate – This ingredient is basically a mineral supplement. There are no known risks or side effects to this ingredients unless you have a specific allergy to it.

Natural and artificial flavor – This is exactly what it says. It’s a combination of natural and artificial ingredients that give the supplement its flavor.

There are no known risks or side effects from this ingredient.

Magnesium phosphate – This ingredient is a mineral supplement that has no side effects or known risks.

Potassium citrate – This ingredient is a salt-substitute with no known risk or side effects.

Sodium citrate – This ingredient is a salt-substitute with no known risk or side effects.

Sodium chloride – Also known as table salt, this ingredient has no known risks or side effects.

Calories – There are around 20 calories in every scoop of this supplement. The main ingredients (whey and casein) are nutritious and should not cause weight gain when consumed in normal amounts.

The “other ingredients” are various vitamins and minerals that have no known risks or side effects.

Overall, this supplement is pretty safe to consume as far as serious side effects go. Some people may be allergic to some of the ingredients, however, which could cause problems.

If you experience any problems when starting this supplement or notice anything out of the ordinary, stop using it and consult a doctor.

How effective is it?

This supplement is effective for building lean muscle if you work out often and eat a clean diet. It has a good nutrient profile that will help you recover from your workouts and gain lean muscle mass as long as you work out properly.

The main downside to this supplement is that it uses artificial sweeteners and flavors. These ingredients can cause upset stomachs, headaches, and other issues in some people.

Of course, if you’re careful about what you eat while taking this supplement, you can avoid these problems.

What are the available flavors?

This is where Dymatize elite protein really shines. It’s currently available in over a dozen different delicious flavors! Here are just a few of them:

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream Milkshake




Mocha Cappuccino

These are just some of the available flavors. There should be one to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds.

If not, you can always buy unflavored and add your own mix-ins.

How do I take it?

One scoop a day is all you need to feel the effects of this supplement. Just add one scoop to around 16-20 ounces of milk or your favorite beverage and you should have a fairly good-tasting shake. Make sure you drink it slowly since the casein will make you feel full longer than a regular whey supplement.

You can adjust the amount of liquid to make it thicker or thinner. Thinner shakes are easier to drink but don’t keep you full as long.

Feel free to adjust the amount of liquid to your personal preference.

Anything else I need to know?

This is a meal replacement supplement, so don’t use it in place of real food. It’s meant to be used along with a healthy diet plan that includes whole foods like meats, vegetables, and fruits. Don’t exceed the recommended serving and always speak with your physician before starting any new supplement. This especially goes for anyone with pre-existing health conditions.

Make sure to drink plenty of water while using this product since it can sometimes cause dehydration if you don’t.

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5.6 Performance

The performance aspect of this product really works well for the user. Users are able to enjoy a quicker recovery time while using this product and are able to train harder and for longer periods of time than they were before.

This leads to better results when it comes to building muscle mass and burning fat. The user is able to see the difference when it comes to their energy levels and how long they can last in the gym or while out running, walking or swimming.

9.8 Value

For a product that is able to do so much and get the job done for the user, the price is very reasonable. There are other products out on the market that are just as good, if not better than this but they come at a heftier price than what this one does.

For less than $40, you are getting a product that will help you reach your goals and then some.

8.7 Taste

The taste of this product is ok. Some flavors are better than others but all in all, it tastes better than most other meal replacement or protein shakes out on the market right now.

It’s not the worst thing that you will ever taste and you get used to it after a while of drinking it on a regular basis.

8 Effectiveness

This product is very effective for those who are looking to drop fat and gain muscle mass. Along with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise routine, this supplement does great things for those who are looking to shed pounds and see real results.

The inclusion of the fast digesting proteins help to keep the user full longer while also providing them with amino acids that their body craves so it is able to recover from intense workouts and stay strong.

7 Ingredients

The ingredients in this product are all proven ingredients that are backed by science. The list includes everything from whey proteins, milk protein and glutamine.

There are also some digestive enzymes in here that help with the absorption of certain nutrients so that the body can put them to good use. This is a very safe product to take on a daily basis as none of the ingredients are habit-forming or have any ill side effects.

8.6 Effectiveness

The effectiveness of this product really goes hand-in-hand with the ingredients. The combination of various whey proteins, milk proteins and digestive enzymes really do a great job at helping the user to lose weight while also giving them enough energy to get through the day and stay active.

The only real downside is the fact that some people may find this product to have a bit of an aftertaste or cause them to feel bloated at times. This is easily remedied by drinking plenty of water and varying up what you eat along with when you take it.

7.7 Value

For less than forty dollars, this product gives you an amazing supply of nutrients that your body craves so you are able to lose weight while staying energized and feeling full. It can be a bit on the expensive side if you are trying to lose a lot of weight but for a daily meal replacement or something to have on hand when you are dieting, it offers great value for your money.

7.7 Taste

The taste is going to be different for everyone but it is certainly going to be one of the better tasting diet shakes on the market right now. There aren’t too many ingredients in here that will cause it to taste bad and even if it does have a bit of an aftertaste, it is something that can easily be masked by drinking it quickly, mixing it with water or even using a shaker bottle.

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