What Is Second Puberty

What Is Second Puberty?

Second puberty is a phase of life when boys reach their physical growth spurts. It’s the time where they start growing facial hair, gaining muscle mass, and developing pubic hair. They are usually considered to be men by society at large until they go through puberty. This stage is known as Tanner Stage 2 (T2).

The term “puberty” refers to the change in hormone levels during this period. A boy will experience changes in both physical appearance and behavior.

Physical Changes:

A boy will begin to grow facial hair, which may or may not be fully developed. His voice will deepen and become deeper with age.

Hair growth will occur on the face, chest, back, arms and legs. Acne may also occur during this time. His body shape will change as he gains more muscles. Pubic and other bodily hair will also start to grow, which may result in odor. Penis size and testicle growth will increase as well.

Behavioral Changes:

Hormones also affect the brain, which can result in mood swings and an increase in aggression during this time. These changes are perfectly normal and are just temporary.

They are triggered by the body preparing to reproduce.

A boy will begin to have sexual urges and may be more distracted in class due to sexual fantasies. He may also engage in masturbation as a release for these urges.

These changes may result in turmoil within his relationships with family, friends and classmates. It is normal for a boy to feel uncomfortable about these changes, because it can be very different from what they were used to in childhood.

A boy will experience an increase in energy as he grows. He may also begin to take more risks and engage in more adventurous behavior as a result.

Second puberty can occur as early as age 12, but is most common in boys between the ages of 13 and 15. Puberty may last for several years and will result in your son becoming a man.

It is normal for boys to be confused or embarrassed about these changes, so make sure they feel comfortable talking to you about it.

Second Puberty in Girls

While second puberty in boys is marked by an increase in testosterone levels, similar changes occur in girls. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for female secondary sexual characteristics and reproductive abilities.

While girls will experience an increase in estrogen during puberty, they do not experience a testosterone increase like males.

Breast Development:

Breast development begins as fat deposits begin to build up in the chest area. This is often one of the first signs of puberty in girls.

The fat will be distributed evenly throughout the chest area and will result in a larger chest. This process may take several years to complete and will result in B or smaller sized cups for most girls.

Menstrual Cycles:

The next change will be the start of monthly menstrual cycles. A girl’s hormones will cause her to begin bleeding from her uterus on a monthly basis.

This process is necessary for sexual reproduction and may be disruptive at first, but most women learn to manage the process after a few years.

Pubic Hair:

As with boys, female pubic hair will grow as estrogen takes effect. This process is the slowest of all the changes and may not be noticeable for several more years, as hair does not grow on the mons pubis, but rather around the vaginal lips.

Some girls may also have a fine hair growth over other parts of their body, but this is usually limited to the arms, legs and underarms.

Growth Spurts:

As with boys, girls will also experience growth spurts as their bodies prepare for adulthood. Girls will generally grow faster than boys during the teen years.

Adult Height & Weight:

The estrogen produced by a girl’s body will not only affect her physically, but also cause her to grow mentally. Girls will begin developing adult patterns of thought and behavior several years before their male counterparts.

These changes are necessary for her to be ready for the trials of adulthood, but may also cause mood swings and conflicts with parents.

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