What Is Phlegmon

What Is Phlegmon?

Phlegmon is a common infection that affects the abdominal wall. It causes pain and discomfort. It can cause bleeding into the abdomen or even liver failure. The symptoms are usually mild at first but may progress to severe over time. There are two types of phlegm: red blood cells (hemolymph) and white blood cells (lymphocytes). Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of your body while lymphocytes fight off infections. When these cells become infected with bacteria, they release toxins that damage tissues and organs. The most common type of phlegm is called hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), which stands for haemoglobin 1,000 times less dense than normal blood. This means it contains only one thousandth of the amount of oxygen compared to normal blood. If you have high levels of HbA1c, then your blood sugar level becomes too low and you experience fatigue, weakness, dizziness and other symptoms. High levels of HbA1c are also associated with diabetes mellitus.

Other Types Of Phlegm

There are several other types of phlegm that do not contain haemoglobin. In these cases, the cells are not dead and they do not come from the red blood cells, but they are still infected with bacteria and can cause death. At this stage, it can be very serious and difficult to cure.

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