What Is Metabolic Age

What Is Metabolic Age?

Metabolic age is the rate at which your body uses up energy. It’s not just how old you are, but it’s how much energy you use up every day. A person with a high metabolism will burn more calories than someone with a low one. If you have a normal weight and exercise regularly, then your metabolism will slow down over time until it reaches its natural level of activity (about 20). However, if you don’t do anything except sit around all day, your metabolism won’t change. Your body will continue to function normally even though it isn’t using any extra energy.

The term “metabolism” refers to the whole system that controls how much energy you use up each day. You might think of it like a car engine: you need fuel to run the vehicle, and when the gas tank runs out, so does your ability to drive!

Your body uses different types of fuels to power various activities. These include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Some foods contain these things while others don’t. When you eat food or drink liquids containing those substances, they’re converted into molecules called metabolites that get used up during your daily life.

Each type of metabolite has a slightly different effect on your body; some increase your metabolism while others decrease it.

Through experience and research, scientists have classified all types of food into six different groups, depending on how they affect the body. The largest of these groups, the carbohydrates, are further divided into four subgroups: sugars, fiber, starch and alcohol. This grouping system is known as the “metabolism classification system” or just “the metabolism type.”

Your body uses up energy in a predictable way during the day. As you sleep, your metabolic rate is at its lowest level. As you become more awake and active, it gradually increases. As you might expect, this process follows a pattern called an “inverted U-curve,” which means that as you become increasingly awake and active, your BMR increases to a peak and then decreases again as you get tired.

As people grow older, their bodies tend to slow down in many ways. A person in his 30s is likely to have a lower BMR than someone in his 20s. However, the rate at which it decreases is not consistent across all people in every age group and depends on a number of factors such as weight, gender and diet. Because of this, many people use the metabolic type test to determine their metabolic age and find out whether or not they’re eating enough or perhaps too much!

There are several different ways to measure your metabolism, such as getting an electrocardiogram from a hospital or measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood while sleeping. However, these tests are quite expensive and most people can’t afford them. Still, there are cheaper ways to check your metabolic rate that can give you a fairly accurate representation of it.

The diet you follow will affect your BMR to some degree, and it’s important to consider what kind of an effect it has on your body. Eating a lot of meat will increase BMR, because the extra protein must be processed by the body. Eating carbohydrates will lower it since they’re broken down into simple sugars in the intestines and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Fruits and vegetables contain complex carbohydrates that are digested more slowly.

Your BMR will rise and fall during the day depending on what you’ve eaten recently, especially large amounts of proteins and carbohydrates.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the human metabolism, it will be time to measure your own. The test is very easy. All you need are two days: a day in which you eat little or nothing at all, and another day in which you eat a normal amount of food. Yes, this means skipping a meal or two!

The first day should be from when you get up in the morning until you go to sleep. Don’t eat anything or drink any liquids (except water), but you can still drink liquids if you need to (though it might be best to limit these). If you get hungry, try to do something to keep your mind off of it: take a walk, sing, read a book or do some other activity to distract yourself. Try not to eat or drink anything after 7:00 PM, because this could affect your measurement.

You need to sleep for at least eight hours straight, as you’ll be getting up early the next morning.

On the second day, get up and weigh yourself naked (putting everything you’re wearing or carrying on the scale as well). Then drink a glass of water and weigh yourself again. Subtract the weight of the water in the glass you drank from your total weight to get your weight without anything in your stomach. Measure your height using a measuring tape and record both numbers on a piece of paper.

Do this before eating or drinking anything.

On that same day, eat as much as you normally would and don’t exercise at all. Continue eating and drinking until you go to sleep.

On the third day, repeat the process but swapping which day you eat nothing and which day you eat normally. For example, if on day one you ate nothing and on day two you ate normally, then on the third day you should eat nothing and on the fourth day you should eat normally. After all four days are done, add up the amount of calories you would have eaten over the course of those four days.

The number you get is your Basal Metabolic Rate. BMR is the amount of energy your body burns while at rest. Though it can be increased or decreased depending on certain circumstances, this is the standard amount of energy your body uses while in a state of rest.

To get your Total Metabolic Rate, add the amount of calories you burn daily while doing normal activities (such as school, cleaning your house or just watching TV) to the number you got for BMR. The final number is the amount of calories your body uses in a day. Don’t worry if the numbers are confusing, just remember them and continue on to the next step.

With the number in hand, you can now track how many calories you eat in a day. To lose weight, you need to eat at least 500 calories less than your Total Metabolic Rate. It will take some time, but if you continue this for a month or more you should be able to shed a few pounds.

Remember that I said Total Metabolic Rate and not Basal Metabolic Rate. This is because BMR counts things like basic breathing and the pumping of your heart. All you need to do is eat under your Total Metabolic Rate.

What happens under that condition is that the body uses its own stored body fat for energy instead of the food you eat, which causes weight loss. Keep in mind that the body needs a constant supply of energy to keep going. If you eat under your Total Metabolic Rate you’re going to feel hungry all the time. Eating small amounts of nutritious food every two to three hours can help alleviate this, though it won’t completely get rid of the hunger pangs.

You may even want to exercise to keep your energy levels up, although this isn’t necessary.

If you really feel like you need it, you can have one “cheat day” per week. On this day you can eat whatever you want, but keep in mind that it will affect your Total Metabolic Rate and may set you back.

If you really want to speed up the process, exercise. 30 minutes of moderate exercise (or 15 minutes of intense exercise) 5 times a week can cause your body to burn even more fat and at a faster rate.

However, you will reach a plateau. At this point, you’ll have lost as much weight as your body is able to lose. To go any further, you’ll have to take more invasive measures.

These measures can be anything from getting liposuction to simply dropping a lot of weight really fast and then maintaining your weight with diet and exercise.

If you do reach a plateau, you may want to stop exercising initially. This sounds counter-productive given that exercise helps burn more calories, but when you exercise you are really pushing your body. It needs time to rest and rebuild itself so that it can handle more exercise.

Remember to monitor your diet. Even if you’re not losing weight you still need to be eating under your Total Metabolic Rate. Your body may very well be burning off the calories as fast as you’re eating them, which would be a waste of time and effort.

There are other things you can do to maintain a healthy weight, but these things tend to only work for a certain type of person.

One is to drink a lot of water. Studies show that people who drink a lot of water tend to have a lower Body Mass Index than those who don’t. The reasoning behind this is unclear, but it may have something to do with being more full despite having consumed fewer calories.

Another thing you can do is eat green vegetables. These contain a lot of fiber and other nutrients that are good for you, and they take time for your body to digest. This will cause you to feel more full than you otherwise would.

Finally, there’s the old standard: exercise. Yes, this will cause you to burn more calories and, as a result, lose weight, but it’s only effective in the short-term. Once you go back to your regular routine, you’ll slowly start gaining your weight back…

or maybe you won’t, if you maintain a healthy diet.

Whatever you do, don’t take diet pills. They might work in the short-term, but they can cause your body to go into a state of shock and they’re extremely dangerous. It’s not worth losing weight fast if you risk killing yourself in the process.

If you follow these steps, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve and/or maintain a healthy weight.


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Just as you’re thinking this, she suddenly turns to you and asks “Have I gotten fat?”


No! Of course not!” You exclaim a little too quickly.

She giggles. “I’m just teasing you.”

She leans in and kisses you on the cheek. A shiver goes up your spine.

“Well don’t get too excited,” she says.

You arrive at her house a short time later. You find that you have to concentrate on not staring at her when she gets out of the car.

“I had a great time tonight,” she says, leaning in the window.

“Me too.”

She kisses you on the cheek again and then walks toward the house. She looks back and shoots you a wink before going inside.

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She was spying on me…

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or maybe you don’t want to.

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Oh, is she your new girlfriend?”

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Alright Hawkins, where are your little friends this time? Hiding in the bushes again?

I bet you feel really stupid right now for believing that they’d help you.”

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What are you doing here?”

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Are you kidding me?

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You’re not seriously thinking about going to a place like that are you?”

Why not?

I mean it sounds a whole lot better than this.”

“I just…I just can’t believe you, I mean I thought you were different.”

“Of course I’m different!

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