What Is Dragon’s Blood and What Are Its Uses

What Is Dragon’s Blood?

Dragon’s blood is a rare liquid extracted from the blood of a dragon. It is used in various ways, but most commonly it is used as a perfume or incense. Other uses include making potions, elixirs, and even weapons. There are many stories about its use in ancient times. Some say that the dragon was killed with a blow to the head. Others claim that it was crushed when it fell into a volcano. Still others say that it was drunk by men and women alike. One story says that the blood of a dragon mixed with human blood created a potion which could cure all diseases and give immortality.

The first time anyone drank dragon’s blood, they felt like they were transported to another world! They had no idea what would happen next, but they knew something magical happened. That was until the dragon’s blood was taken out of them and consumed by humans. They began experiencing strange side effects such as hallucinations, delusions, and other bizarre behavior.

People started dying because of their drinking of dragon’s blood. Eventually the government banned the drink due to its negative effects on society. The ban did not stop people from drinking it, but it did prevent the government from profiting from the drink. Eventually, the government allowed the drink again and people stopped dying.

As people drank more and more of the blood they started to see less and less of the negative effects. It was as if their bodies were getting used to it. Soon they could drink as much as they wanted without any side effects at all. Today, it is very common to see people drinking dragon’s blood.

It has been used in many different ways, but mostly as a drink. No one really knows why it effects people differently, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying its taste and effects.

In some countries, such as Norway and England, they still have the ban on it. They claim that drinking dragon’s blood can be just as bad as smoking or doing drugs. They want to make sure that everyone is experiencing the same effects. If one person drinks, then everyone should drink.

The government says it’s for the greater good of society.

How Is It Made?

Making dragon’s blood is a long and tedious process. First of all, the dragon must be alive. Then it has to be cut open and its blood must be drained slowly into a container. When this is done its heart must be cut out and burned separately. Not much is known as to why these steps are needed, but if even one step is missed then the dragon’s blood will become poisonous.

The dead dragon is then dragged to a pit. Several strong men with shovels cover the dragon corpse with rocks. The rocks are heated until they turn red hot. When the pit is full of rocks, wood is thrown on it.

Eventually the wood begins to burn and the rocks melt into a lava-like substance.

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