What Does It Mean to Have a Friable Cervix and How Is It Treated

What does it mean to have a friable cervix?

A friable cervix is when there is no cervical opening on the outside of your uterus (womb). A normal cervix opens up into the womb so that a baby can pass through and become born. If there is no opening, then the baby cannot get out or if it gets out, it will not survive.

If you have a friable cervix, you may experience some pain during your period or even after having a child. You may feel like something is blocking the passage of blood from your body to your baby. Your doctor can tell what type of condition you have based on how much bleeding occurs and other signs such as cramping or spotting. Sometimes surgery is needed to open up the cervix so that it opens up enough for a baby to pass through it.

How is it treated?

The first thing you need to do is see your doctor because they can help determine if you have a friable cervix. They will take X-rays of your cervix and check the size of it. Then they will try to figure out why it doesn’t work properly and how best to fix it. If the problem isn’t fixed, then you may need surgery to repair the issue. You may also need to have a c-section if it is very hard for a baby to come out through the birth canal.

What can cause this?

Having a friable cervix doesn’t have a known cause, but it can become more common after you give birth for the first time. It can happen for women who have had many babies or women who have had no babies. It is not rare for women who had a c-section to have a problem with a friable cervix. If you have bleeding from the vaginal opening and it has lasted for more than two weeks, then you may have this type of problem.

How is it diagnosed?

Your doctor will make a diagnosis by doing an internal exam on you. You need to let them know if you are experiencing any pain or bleeding during the exam. If you are, then they will have to do a procedure to fix it right away. If there is no opening on the outside of your cervix, then it means that you either had a c-section or you had some other type of surgery that closed up the opening on your cervix.

Friable Cervix in Pregnancy: What’s It All About?

Friable cervix in pregnancy indicates that there is no opening in the cervix.

This means that the baby can’t go through it to be born. The cervix has no opening.

The term “friable” is used when the cervix is soft enough for a tool to pass through it…

How Can a Doctor Help?

There are some things that your doctor can do to help you during pregnancy if you have friable cervix. One of them is cerclage.

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