What Causes White Spots to Form on Your Foreskin

What causes white spots on your skin?

The answer may surprise you! There are many possible reasons why some men have white rings around their foreskins. Some of them are:

1) You Have a Condom-Reusable Condoms Can Cause Skin Problems

Condoms can cause problems with the skin because they can irritate it. If you use condoms, then you will need to change them often or else they might become infected and cause infection.

Then the problem could spread to other parts of your body. Therefore, you must avoid using condoms during sexual activity.

2) You Are Using a Condom That Is Not Reusable

You can buy condoms that are reusable but if you don’t want to waste money on such things, then you should not use them. They will just make your life harder and make you worry about infections which can lead to sterility.

3) You Have A Scar On Your Penis Which Has Been Infected With Something That May Be Causing the Ring Around Your Penis to Look Like a White Spot

If you have a scar on your genitals, then you should not apply any kind of cream or ointment on it. These creams may cause damage to the area and cause more infections.

Also, these creams can make your genitalia look ugly.

4) You Are Not Using a Lubricant While Having Intercourse

The skin of your genitals may become too dry causing irritation and infection. You can solve this problem by using a good quality lubricant every time you want to have intimate contact with someone.

You may buy a lube, or you may create one at home by mixing an egg yolk with some water and stirring it. If you create this lube, you will be able to use it on your genitals without having to worry about the possible negative side effects.

5) You Are Shaving Or Waxing Your Genitals

This can cause an infection that could eventually lead to the development of white rings around your genitals. This can also cause a lot of pain and lead to sterility.

You should not try to remove hair from this area because it is very delicate and you may cause unwanted side effects.

6) You Have Not Cleaned Your Genitals After Anal Intercourse Or Anal Intercourse With A Partner Who Had A STD

If you have had any kind of butt play, then you know how dirty the area can become. You must clean yourself after every event like this, otherwise you can get a yeast infection in this area.

Also, if your partner has a STD then you must be careful if you do not want to contract the disease.

7) You Have Not Kept Your Foreskin Clean

If you have a lot of smegma under your prepuce, then it can cause a rash and an infection. If this is not taken care of right away, then it can lead to yeast infection and even cancer.

This can lead to a lot of complications and you should immediately go see a doctor if this occurs.

8) You Have Had a Lot of Smegma Build-Up Under Your Foreskin

If your body is not cleaning itself well enough then you may start having an odor from this area. The smegma that forms under your prepuce can cause an infection and looks like little white dots around your genitals and on your underwear.

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