What Causes Rectal Discharge

What causes rectal discharge?

The reason behind the leakage is not known yet. There are various theories. Some say it’s due to bacteria or parasites living in your body causing the leak. Others believe it could be caused by a virus which may cause itching and burning sensation at times. Still others think that there might be some sort of allergic reaction or even cancer cells in your body causing the problem. All these theories are still being researched. But all these theories don’t explain how does one gets the problem.

How to get rid of it?

There are several ways to cure the issue. One way is to use antifungals such as ketoconazole or erythromycin. These drugs kill off harmful fungi and bacteria in your system which would then stop the flow of blood into your butt cheeks. Another method is to go for surgery. Surgery is done to remove the blockage in your digestive tract. A surgeon will cut out the offending organ and put something inside it so that it can function normally again.

Some doctors also recommend using diet changes to treat the issue. Diet changes include drinking lots of water, eating foods rich in fiber, cutting down on sugar and fat intake etc…

Why do I have Jelly Like Discharge?

The actual cause of this problem is not really known to medical science. There are numerous factors which can cause it and they are given below:

1. Constipation or a blockage in the digestive tract: This is probably the most common reason for having jelly like discharge.

If the person is facing constipation, then there is a blockage in the digestive tract. As a result the waste products are not properly absorbed in the large intestine. Instead they start oozing out of your body. This can cause constant leakage of fluids which eventually turns into jelly like discharge.

2. Eating food items which you are allergic to or wrong diet: Wrong diet and food items that our body doesn’t agree with can also cause this problem.

If you eat a lot of red meat or spicy food or junk food then your digestive system has to work extra hard to process all this food. It may not be able to cope up with such heavy demands which may lead to wrong diet. Junk and fast food are very commonly believed to cause this problem.

However doctors still say that it is not the food item but the person’s immune system which reacts abnormally to it. If you are having this problem then your body may be allergic to a certain food item.

3. Intestinal parasites: If you are suffering from intestinal parasites such as worms then they tend to eat up the food we consume.

Such foods are then passed out of our body in the form of jelly like discharge along with other symptoms like fever and aches all over the body.

These are some of the most common reasons which can cause jelly like discharge from rectum. If you are suffering from this problem then you need to find the exact cause of this. You can then proceed to treat that specific cause which will get rid of jelly like discharge from your life once and forever.

What is the Treatment for this Problem?

There are a number of possible treatments available for this problem, however you must visit your doctor before trying any of these.

1. Change in lifestyle: If you think that wrong diet or lack of exercise is causing this problem then you need to change your lifestyle.

Eat healthy foods, avoid junk foods and work out at least for half an hour daily. This will ensure proper functioning of your digestive system.

2. Antibiotics: If your doctor suspects that you may have developed an infection in your digestive tract due to jelly like discharge then he may prescribe you some antibiotics.

These antibiotics will be strong enough to destroy all the bacteria in your body and ensure that only good bacteria survives.

Infections in the digestive tract are caused by harmful bacteria so ensuring that good bacteria has an upper hand is the first step to getting rid of this problem.

3. Surgery: If blockage due to constipation is causing jelly like discharge then surgery may be the only option available.

Your doctor can perform a procedure known as colonoscopy in which an endoscope is used to see the interior of your large intestine and remove the blockages.

4. Taking natural supplements: There are also certain natural supplements available such as fiber supplements which can help in ensuring regular bowel movements.

These supplements can solve the problem without any side effects and are a good long term solution.

These were some of the treatment options which can get rid of jelly like discharge from your life once and forever. Remember to find the exact cause first before trying to treat it. If you are suffering from this problem for a long time then you must consult your doctor as soon as possible.


Reviewed by faculty of Medicine and Nursing of Guelph University.

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