What Causes Prominent Veins Beneath the Eyes and How to Treat Them

What Causes Prominent Veins Beneath the Eyes?

The prominent veins beneath your eyes are known as periorbital venous sinus thrombi (PVST). They form when blood clots in the periorbital space between your eyeballs. These clots can occur anywhere from time to time but they tend to happen most often during sleep or after eating. If not treated promptly, these clots can cause them to burst causing swelling and pain.

How to Get Rid of Blue Veins Under Your Eyes Naturally?

There are several natural treatments available to treat the problem. One such method is called “eye drops”. You can use eye drops on your eyes at night before going to bed. This will prevent the formation of new clots and allow your existing ones to drain completely. Another way is using a topical medication which can be applied directly onto the affected area. The medication can be either ointment or gel. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the main reasons why one would prefer one over another are:

Ointments may cause irritation if used too frequently. Gel formulations may leave behind residue which could irritate other parts of your body. Ointments are usually easier to apply than gels and therefore they can be better tolerated by patients with dry eyes. Gels can be easily washed away with tears while ointments can remain in place longer. Gels do not usually cause stinging or burning sensation if the patient has an eye infection.

Treating the problem before it gets out of hand may prevent the need for surgery. In addition, if the patient experiences frequent episodes of Prominent veins beneath the eyes they may require urgent medical attention. Other than that, there is no need for a special diet or any non-surgical treatments.

Exercises that target your lower and upper eyelids may also help get rid of or reduce prominent veins beneath the eyes. These exercises are usually used to improve the appearance of sagging facial skin but they can also be effective in treating prominent veins beneath the eyes. Some of the exercises that can be done at home include:

Smile and gently pull your eyelids outward for a few seconds. This will target your lower lids. Focus on a distant object and try to pull your eyeballs as far out as you can. This will target the upper eyelids. Hold the position for a few seconds and then release.

Blinking normally can also help to reduce prominent veins beneath the eyes.

Where Can I Find an Eye Doctor?

If you experience any pain, redness, or swelling associated with Prominent veins beneath the eyes see your local eye doctor immediately. If they diagnose your condition as a thrombosis then they may recommend an injection of a medication to break up the clot. Once the mass has been broken up, it can be drained by either pressing on the area or through the use of a small tubes and syringe.

If you have had this procedure more than 2 to 3 times every couple of years then your eye doctor may recommend surgery to correct the problem. If you don’t get treatment for this condition it may lead to serious vision loss or even blindness. Do not try to self-medicate yourself with over the counter medications. If you feel you are suffering from a medical condition you should seek professional medical attention immediately.

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