What Causes Nervous Laughter

What causes nervous laughter?

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Nervous Laugh Synonyms

In order to understand what causes nervous laughter, it is necessary to know the different types of nervous laughs. There are two main types of nervous laughs; the involuntary type and the voluntary type. Both types have their own characteristics and they both cause different reactions from people.

Indiscriminate Types of Nervous Laughter

These are the most common kinds of nervous laughter. They occur spontaneously without any particular reason or purpose. These types of nervous laughter usually do not last long, but they may persist for some time after the initial trigger event.

Causes of Indiscriminate Nervous Laughter

There are several possible reasons why people experience involuntary nervous laughter. Some of them include:

Fear – People often feel fear when they see something frightening. When they see someone else being frightened, they sometimes get nervous too. Fearful situations can lead to spontaneous nervous laughter.

Stress – There are many stressful events in life. When people deal with a stressful event, nervous laughter can sometimes result. This is often a temporary side effect of dealing with stressful situations.

Excitement – Some exciting situations can also trigger nervous laughter. This can happen when people get overly excited about something and react in an emotional way. Excitement is an emotion that people often feel while doing fun activities with their friends or loved ones.

Intoxication – Some people laugh when they are intoxicated. While inebriated a person may do or say things that are out of character for them. This type of nervous laughter may occur when someone says something funny while intoxicated.

Voluntary Types of Nervous Laughter

These types of nervous laughter are more intentional. They are often used as a way to get the attention of other people. The most common type of voluntary nervous laughter is fake laughter. It occurs when someone laughs without there being anything particularly funny happening.

Other types of voluntary nervous laughter include:

Tribute – People will often laugh to show their appreciation for a comedian or performer. They will do this even if they did not enjoy the performance all that much. This type of nervous laughter is mainly done out of courtesy to the performer.

Ingratiation – People sometimes laugh in order to ingratiate themselves with others.

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