What Causes Hymenal Tags and How Are They Treated

What causes hymenal tags?

The hymen is the thin membrane that covers the opening of your vaginal entrance. You may not even notice it when you are having sexual relations with someone else, but if you do see or feel something poking through, then it’s probably a problem! If you don’t believe me, just ask any girl who has had her hymen broken during sexual activity.

Hymenal tags are remnants of the hymen that hang down from your vaginal opening. These remnants can cause pain during sexual activities and may even lead to infection, so they need to be removed. There are several ways to remove them:

1) Surgery – The most common way of removing these remnant pieces is surgery.

A doctor will cut off the remnants of the hymen, sew them back together, and then stitch up your wound.

2) Removing Them Naturally – Another option is to remove them naturally.

Some women like to go into their natural menstrual cycle and pull out the remnants of their hymens while they’re there. Others prefer to use a product called “hymen glue” which is a liquid that you apply directly onto your hymen (or other parts of your body). This makes the skin extremely sticky so that when you go to the bathroom it should come right off.

No matter which way you choose, the key is to remove them as quickly as possible so that they do not cause further issues down the road!

What are hymenal tags?

As mentioned above, these are remnants of your hymen (the thin membrane that usually covers your vaginal opening). During sexual activity or even exercise, these tags can become stretched or otherwise damaged.