What Causes Bladder Wall Thickening

What Causes Bladder Wall Thickening?

Bladder wall thickening is a common symptom of many diseases. Most commonly it occurs with benign tumors such as cysts, polyps or masses. However, it may also occur in some cancers such as leukemia (lymphoma) and lymphomas (leukemias).

The cause of bladder wall thickening is not known but there are several theories. One theory suggests that it is due to the presence of abnormal cells called microcarcinogens in the body.

These bacteria produce toxins which damage normal tissue. Another theory suggests that it is due to the presence of certain hormones in the blood stream causing inflammation. Other possible reasons include infection, hormonal imbalance, injury and other conditions.

Symptoms of Bladder Wall Thickening:

A lumpy appearance of the skin around your groin area (abdomen) or lower abdomen (bladder wall). This condition may affect both men and women.

The lumpiness usually begins at birth and becomes worse over time.

Pain may or may not occur.

Blood in the urine is very rare. In some cases, there may be no symptoms at all.

If it is a true cyst then it will be separate from the actual bladder wall; cysts which are attached to the skin are more likely to be other types of growths such as genital warts.

Weird smells from the urine or skin are rare.

There may be no symptoms at all.

Diagnosis of Bladder Wall Thickening:

A physical examination of the genital region is made. In some cases, a biopsy is done to rule out cancer.

A cystoscopy may also be done to rule out bladder cancer or other conditions which cause a lumpy appearance in the skin around the genitals.

Treatment of Bladder Wall Thickening:

Most of the time, no treatment is needed. If there is discharge or bleeding, then anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery may be done to remove the growths.

In some cases, radiation and chemotherapy may be given to people with cancerous tumors.

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