What Can Cause Dizziness and Sweating

What Causes Dizziness and Sweating?

Dizziness and Sweating are two common symptoms that occur when there is a problem with your blood circulation. When you have problems with your blood circulation, it causes you to feel lightheaded or even fall over if the situation requires it. You may experience these symptoms while exercising, driving, working out at the gym or any other activity where you need to concentrate on something else.

When you experience dizziness or sweating, it’s usually due to a blockage in the veins that supply blood to your brain. If this happens, then you will experience both symptoms simultaneously. Your heart rate may increase slightly and your vision may become blurry. These are all signs that indicate that you’re having a stroke (blockage) in one of the major arteries supplying blood to your brain.

The most common cause of sudden dizziness and sweating is a blocked artery in the neck. Other possible causes include:

A tumor in the brain causing pressure on the nerves that supply blood to your brain.

An embolism (a clot traveling from another part of your body into the vein supplying blood to your brain).

An infection in one of the major veins supplying blood to your brain.

Less common causes of dizziness and sweating:

A brain aneurysm (an artery that has developed a weakness and is prone to leaking or bursting).

An extremely low blood count (due to chemotherapy or an infection).

What you should do if you suffer from dizziness and sweating?

If you start experiencing dizziness and sweating, then you need to sit down immediately and contact a doctor immediately.

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