What Are the Bumps on My Tongue

What are the bumps on my tongue?

The bump on your tongue is called a lie bump. A lie bump is a small indentation or depression that may appear anywhere along the inside surface of your upper lip (the part between your teeth). These lies are caused by blood leaking into the mouth from other parts of your body such as wounds, cuts, bruises, burns, tumors and infections. The truth is, there isn’t any reason why these little depressions shouldn’t occur. They don’t usually cause any problems. However, if they persist long enough, they could become dangerous.

How do I know what kind of bumps are present on my tongue?

You will notice that some lie bumps look like small holes while others have a smooth appearance. You might even see one with two different shapes or sizes. Sometimes you might not even be able to tell whether it’s a lie bump or not. In fact, sometimes you might think that it’s just a normal feature of your tongue. If you feel that something doesn’t seem right about the shape or size of the lie bump, then it probably is a lie bump.

Why does my tongue have bumps?

As mentioned earlier, lie bumps are very common. For the most part, you don’t have to worry about them. They occur when an injury or illness damages the inside of your mouth and causes tiny blood vessels to show through on the surface of your tongue. If your body experiences a more serious issue, such as a heart attack, you may experience several bump-like indentations all over the top layer of your tongue.

How do I treat my lie bumps?

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