What Are Side Effects of Eyelash Extensions

What are side effects of eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can cause some problems. They can affect your vision, make it difficult to see clearly, or even lead to blindness. There are many different types of complications that may occur with eyelash extensions. Some of them include:

1) Blurred Vision : When you have eyelashes, they usually cover up part of your natural eye’s pupil (the area where light enters).

If you have eyelashes, then the pupils of your eyes will be smaller than normal. This means that there will be less light entering into your eyes. You might not see well at all or you might see poorly if you do see well.

2) Irritated Eyes : The irritation caused by eyelash extensions can lead to the following symptoms: redness, swelling, itching, burning sensations in the affected areas and sometimes even pain.

3) Infection : A common complication of eyelash extensions is infection.

This could happen if you get infected with bacteria or viruses.

4) Eye Damage : Even though eyelash extensions are temporary, they can still damage your eyes permanently.

The most severe case of permanent damage due to eyelash extensions would be corneal scarring. Cornea is the transparent outer covering of the eye which helps in seeing objects clearly. If it is damaged in any way, it can lead to complete blindness.

5) Blindness : As mentioned above, if the cornea is severely damaged due to eyelash extensions then you may lose your eyesight completely.

The condition of blindness caused due to eyelash extension problems is known as anophthalmia which is a medical condition where an individual has lost their eyes at birth or during childhood. If the condition occurs during adulthood then it is known as acquired anophthalmia.

Which types of eyelash extension problems should I avoid?

Although there are many types of complications which can occur due to eyelash extensions, but some of the most common ones are listed below:

1) Blocked tear ducts : In this condition, your body’s natural drainage system which is meant for expelling the tears caused during crying is blocked.

If this occurs then the tears don’t flow out of your eyes properly. In this case, the tears get accumulated under your eyes and cause swelling and puffiness.

2) Eye Irritation : This is also known as conjunctivitis or pink eye.

It is an infection and inflammation in your eyes. It can be caused due to different reasons such as wearing eye make-up, rubbing your eyes after coming in contact with something, using contaminated eye cosmetics and using poor quality eye cosmetics.

3) Eye Infection : This is the condition when the infection has spread from your eyelids to the front part of your eyes.

This can be very dangerous and may even lead to loss of vision.

4) Eye Allergic Reactions : This occurs when you have an allergic reaction to the materials which are used in making the eyelash extensions.

In the initial stages of the allergic reaction, your eyes may start to itch and burn. If this is not treated on time then it can lead to swelling of your eyelids. In some severe cases of an allergic reaction, it may lead to severe eye infections.

5) Eye Infection : An eyelash extension infection is mainly caused due to poor maintenance of the eyelash extensions.

In this condition, the extension might not be cleaned properly. Using contaminated tools and dirty salons can also lead to infection of the eye. The first signs of an infection are redness, swelling and pus discharge from your eyes.

6) Eye Trauma : An eye trauma is caused due to an injury to the eye.

If you sustain an injury near or around your eye then it may lead to bruising or bleeding near or around your eyes. This can be a serious condition and should be immediately treated by a physician. In some cases an eye trauma may lead to permanent vision loss or blindness.

7) Eye Pain : An eye pain is also known as ophthalmodynia and is a medical condition where you experience sharp, burning or throbbing pain in one or both of your eyes.

This pain may be accompanied by redness, swelling, light sensitivity and decreased vision.

8) Severe Allergic Reaction : A severe allergic reaction is a condition where your body experiences an allergic reaction due to the materials used in making the eyelash extensions.

In some cases, this allergic reaction may even be life-threatening. It mainly occurs when the adhesives or glues which are used to stick on the lashes are made of toxic materials. It may also be caused due to using eyelash extension kits from an untrustworthy source.

How can I prevent eyelash extension problems?

There are many ways by which you can protect yourself and avoid these eyelash extension problems. Some of these solutions are mentioned below:

1) Ask your beautician if she is experienced in applying eyelash extensions.

Better to be safe than sorry.

2) Make sure that the glue which is being used to apply eyelash extensions is safe to use.

Do not use cheap glues which may be a possible health risk.

3) Check whether the tools which are being used to apply the eyelash extensions are sterile or not.

If not, then it may lead to eye infections.

4) Make sure that the tools and glues are not being reused without proper sanitization.

This can also lead to eye infections.

5) Always check the reviews of the salon before going there.

6) Avoid buying eyelash extension kits from an untrustworthy source.

It may contain toxic materials which can lead to allergic reactions.

7) Avoid getting eyelash extensions done during cold and rainy seasons as the glue may not set properly in this weather.

8) Make sure you do not rub your eyes roughly after the extensions have been applied.

9) Do not fall asleep with the extensions on.

It may lead to eye irritation.

10) Do not wear eyelash extensions while sleeping. This may cause the glue to get into the eyes and cause temporary or even permanent vision loss.

11) Do not apply makeup near the eyes as it may get into eyes and lead to eye irritation.

12) Avoid swimming or going near the pool or jacuzzi as the chlorine in the water may lead to eye irritation.

13) Avoid rubbing your eyes roughly as it may lead to scratches on the cornea and vision loss.

14) Avoid wearing contacts until the extensions are completely dissolved. Wearing contacts while the glue is still on the eyes is not a good idea as it may stick to contact lenses as well. Also, it may cause eye infections.

15) Make sure you stay away from pets who may want to play with your eyes or stick to them.

16) Stop using the extensions immediately if you experience any irritation, redness or pain.

17) Keep the contact details of an ophthalmologist handy incase an emergency arises.

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