Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms No One Tells You About

1. You Will Be Scared To Get An Abortion

2. Your Body Will Feel Like A “Pile Of Garbage” For Weeks After Giving Birth

You will not be able to sleep at night, you will feel nauseous, your body will hurt all over and it feels like you are going to pass out from exhaustion every time you walk outside. You may even have headaches or feel like you are having a heart attack. These feelings are normal and expected during the first trimester of pregnancy. They usually go away after the first few days, but they can last up to a month.

If you think these symptoms sound familiar, then you probably had an abortion!

3. You May Have Irregular Bleeding During Your First Trimester

4. You Will Have A Hard Time Sleeping At Night

5. You Might Not Want To Go Out Because You Are So Tired All The Time

6. Your Period Is Going To Come Late And Be Very Small Or Non-Existent At All

7. You May Even Experience Heavy Cramping During Your First Trimester

8. There Will Be Fewer Nipples Than Before And They Won’t Look Normal Either

9. You Might Start Feeling Sore Or Pain In Your Abdomen

10. You May Feel Queasy And Vomit A Lot

11. You May Also Have Uncontrollable Cravings For Certain Foods Especially Junk Food And Candy

12. You Are Going To Be Anxious About What Is Happening To Your Body

13. You May Start To Feel Uncomfortable With The Genders Of Your Future Children

14. You May Feel Like You Have To Pee All The Time Even If You Just Went

15. You Will Be More Likely To Get Stomach Aches

16. Your Appetite Will Change And You Won’t Be Able To Eat Certain Types Of Food Anymore

17. You Are Going To Be More Sensitive To Your Food And How It Is Cooked

18. You Are Going To Have Mood Swings And Be More Emotional

19. You May Have Unusual Cravings For Certain Foods Or Aversions To Food That You Used To Like

20. You Are Going To Be More Tired And Sleep More Than Usual

21. You Will Be More Likely To Think About Your Ex, Especially If You Are Not Really Over Him Or Her

22. There May Be Emptiness Inside Of You Which Feels Strange And Hard To Deal With

23. You May Have Mood Swings And Be More Emotional

24. You Might Not Be Able To Get Pregnant For A While After Giving Birth

25. It Is Possible That Your Fertility Has Been Diminished Due To This Abortion

You may have been wondering why is there a lack of information about how to get an abortion on the internet. Well, it was actually part of the propaganda of the religious right to suppress information about getting an abortion. In fact, they were even successful at getting abortion information blocked on internet forums and websites! However, after the Roe vs.

Wade decision by the supreme court the procedure became legal and this lead to a lot of people speaking out about their experiences with abortion and how to get an abortion on the internet.

Fetal Development

If you are reading this you are probably trying to find out how to get an abortion. Before actually trying to get an abortion, you should learn about fetal development and how abortions work in general. In fact, you should read this section even if you are not pregnant because this will help you understand what is going on inside your body and why you may be feeling the way you do.

When a woman becomes pregnant there is a baby growing inside of her that is connected to her by the placenta and the umbilical cord. The baby gets his or her nourishment from the mother’s body. Doctors and scientists measure the age of the unborn child in months. For example, a child that is 40 weeks (or 4 months) old has been in the mother’s womb for 40 weeks, even if that time is split up between two different pregnancies.

A woman gets pregnant by having sexual relations with a man who has an erect reproductive organ, which releases male reproductive cells called “sperm.” The woman’s body absorbs the man’s reproductive cells. If the woman has sexual relations with more than one man at a time, the chances of her becoming pregnant are greater (even if a form of birth control is used) because each of the men’s cells has a chance of fusing with her egg.

Many women are under the impression that having sexual relations standing up will prevent pregnancy.

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