Ways to Strengthen Your Wrists

Ways to Strengthen Your Wrist:

1) Weight Training – You can use dumbbells or kettle bells.

They are easy to handle and they provide good results. You will feel better after doing them regularly. For example, you can do weight training every other day, three times a week. If you want to build up your strength gradually then it’s best if you do it once a month or even less frequently than that.

2) Kettle Bells – These are very effective for building up your strength.

However, it takes time to learn how to do these properly. So, you need to practice with them before using them in competition matches. You can start practicing right now by going through our free workout guide which includes instructions on how to get started with kettle bell workouts.

3) Dumbbells – You can use dumbbells or kettle bells for wrist strengthening exercises.

You can also choose to do weighted pull ups instead of kettle bells. Pull ups are great because they allow you to train your grip strength. It helps you improve your punching power too.

4) Resistance bands – These are excellent for increasing your wrist strength and endurance.

Resistance bands can be used for various types of exercises such as resistance band bench press, resistance band rows, etc.

5) Plates – If you don’t have the equipment, you can always improvise with plates.

For example, you can use a ten-pound plate and put it under your wrist when doing push-ups. You can also use them to strengthen your grip by holding them for thirty seconds when you do regular pull-ups.

Doing the exercises are just the beginning. You also need to take the proper steps in order to get faster results. If you want to know about these advanced techniques then go here.

There are some exercises which can help you get relief from pain. In case you have already suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome or any other wrist injury, then you need to consult your physician before starting these exercises. In case you feel severe pain during the exercises, then you should stop doing them and go see a physician right away.

There are also some exercises that you need to avoid in case you have any kind of wrist injury. They can make your wrist problem even worse and cause you to miss time away from training which nobody wants. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry and just see a physician before starting or continuing your training. Below are some common wrist stretches and strengthening exercises that can help in improving wrist flexibility as well as relieving stress.


1) Grip The fingers of your right hand with your left hand and gently twist it until you feel a gentle stretch on the back of your right hand.

Hold for about fifteen seconds. Do this at least five times to both hands.

2) Keeping both hands straight out in front of you, use the fingers of your left hand to slowly trace the letters of the alphabet in order without bending your wrists.

After you finish, do it again, but trace them with your right hand. Do this at least three times to both hands.

Strengthening Exercises:

1) Using the thick end of a tennis or ping-pong ball, squeeze and roll it between the outstretched fingers of your right hand.

Hold on to something sturdy and make sure that your arm is outstretched in front of you to prevent any injury or pain. Then, repeat with the left hand. Do this at least ten times with each hand.

2) Using a rubber ball as well, place it in the center of your palm and squeeze it as hard as you can for about five seconds and then release.

This is one repetition. Do twenty of these per session.

3) Using a heavy item such as a water bottle or can, squeeze it as hard as you can for five to ten seconds and then release.

Make sure to keep your wrist straight up in the air while doing this. Repeat this ten to twenty times, depending on how strong you are.

4) Using a pair of chopsticks, squeeze the ends as hard as you can without bending your wrists.

Hold the position for about five to ten seconds and then release. Make sure to do this exercise slowly and carefully so you don’t hurt yourself.

5) Using a pencil, grip it between your outstretched thumb and forefinger.

Gently squeeze it as hard as you can for five to ten seconds and then release. Do this twenty times per session.

6) Lastly, using a pencil or another heavy object, place your thumb and forefinger around it halfway up its length.

Gently squeeze it as hard as you can without bending your wrist and hold that position for five to ten seconds.

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