Ways to Fix Oily Hair

Oily hair is one of the most common problems among women. Many times it seems like there are no effective solutions for oily hair. There are many factors which contribute to the problem such as diet, stress, genetics, hormones and even physical activity. Some of these things can be changed or at least minimized while others cannot be done much because they are beyond our control.

So what do you do?

The first thing you need to do is to stop using harsh chemicals on your hair. If you have been doing so, then the problem will not get worse. You may also want to consider some natural treatments for oily hair such as coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil. These oils are rich in essential fatty acids which are known to improve the health of your scalp and skin. They also contain antioxidants which can help fight free radicals and other harmful substances.

You might also want to try the following tips:

1) Use baking soda instead of sodium bicarbonate (baking powder).

Baking soda helps remove excess sebum from your scalp. It does not leave any residue on your hair and it works well with all types of hair. You can use baking soda as a homemade facial scrub.

2) Do a hot oil treatment at least twice a week.

Apply some coconut or olive oil on your hair and scalp. Wrap your head with a warm towel or apply heat from a hair dryer. Keep the heat on your hair for about twenty minutes then wash it off. Do not use hot oil treatments if you have already washed your hair that day because the oil will just make your hair look greasy. You can also add some fresh herbs to the oil.

Rosemary, peppermint, lavender and thyme are all great for your hair because of their antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

3) Limit the amount of times you wash your hair in a week.

Oily hair tends to get oilier quicker because washing it strips away the scalp’s natural oil protection. Instead of washing your hair every day or two, try washing it only once or twice a week.

4) Sleep with a clean pillow case every night.

Do not underestimate the power of your pillow when it comes to hair care. Pillow cases can get dirty easily due to oil and dirt from our skin and even our heads. If you are not replacing your pillow case every couple of weeks, you are exacerbating your oily hair problem.

5) Try Apple cider vinegar rinses.

Apply some diluted apple cider vinegar on your scalp with a spray bottle. Use this in alternation with the baking soda.

6) Try massaging your scalp with your fingertips.

Do this several times a day for at least a few minutes.

These are just some of the things you can try in order to stop or at least minimize your oily hair problems. You might also want to check out some of the web resources we have listed below for more tips and product recommendations. Good luck!

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