Understanding Your MPV Test Results

Understanding Your MPV Test Results

The above image shows the results of your blood tests. You have seen these before. They are usually displayed in red or orange color. These colors represent low numbers (red) and high numbers (orange). The lower number means your body is not getting enough oxygen, while higher number means it’s too much oxygen.

What does this mean?

If your red number is between 0 and 4, then you need to get some fresh air. If your red number is 5 to 7, then you may want to take a walk outside. If your red number is 8 or higher, then you’re probably suffering from some sort of illness or disease.

You may think that your doctor will tell you what’s wrong with you. However, they won’t. That would be unethical! Instead, they’ll just send you home with some medication and tell you to come back in two weeks to see them again if anything changes.

How do I know my red number is over 8?

When someone gets a blood test done at the hospital, their red number is recorded. It’s printed on a piece of paper and given to their doctor. However, most people don’t know how to read this (very technical) information. They assume it’s just a number from 0 to 100. If it’s under 50, then they think everything is fine.

Your red number over 8 probably means you’re suffering from an illness. At least, that’s what your doctor will tell you if you see them again. But what does this all mean?

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