Understanding Omphalophobia, or Fear of Belly Buttons

Omphalophobia is a fear of certain body parts or objects. Some examples are: feet, hands, ears, eyes, nose and genitals. People with omphalophobia may feel anxious when they see these body parts or objects. They may even experience panic attacks if exposed to them for too long.

The exact reason behind omphalophobia is not known, but it’s believed that there are several factors at play. One of the most common reasons is the fact that our ancestors lived in a world where humans were small and had very limited space. This means that their bodies were smaller than ours today. Therefore, they didn’t have many body parts such as hands and feet which could possibly cause problems during childbirth (or any other time).

Another factor is the fact that we tend to associate certain body parts with negative emotions. For example, we associate feet with greed and fear. These feelings are often related to anxiety and worry. Also, people who suffer from phobias often have a hard time relating to others, which makes social interaction difficult.

So if someone has a strong aversion towards their own belly button touching then it would make life much harder for them because they wouldn’t want anyone else seeing it either!

If you suffer from omphalophobia then it is important to get help. If you are too embarrassed to see your family physician about it, then try calling a therapy hotline in your area (like the one listed on this site) and see if they can recommend someone. This fear is not something that you need to deal with alone.

Belly button phobia is not a disorder either, but it’s definitely something that you should see someone about. There are people who have digestive issues, and other medical problems that prevent them from being able to see their belly button. If this is the case with you then it’s important to get this problem solved as soon as possible!

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