Top 10 Tips for Cleaning an Ear Piercing

Top 10 Tips for Cleaning an Ear Piercing:

1) Do not use bleach or any other strong disinfectant.

These will damage your ear and cause it to bleed. You need to keep the piercing clean by using salt water. Salt water contains minerals which are beneficial for your body and therefore will make your piercing healthy and painless.

2) Never submerge your ear piercing in tap water!

If you do so, the water may affect the delicate structure of your ear. You should always let your piercing dry completely before putting it back into its original position.

3) Always rinse your ear piercing thoroughly after each use.

This way you will prevent bacteria from growing inside it and causing infections.

4) Use a cotton ball soaked in warm water to wipe off dirt and debris from the surface of your earring.

This will remove the dust and dirt particles that may have accumulated over time.

5) When you take out your earring, gently pat it dry with a soft cloth.

Do not rub it. Doing so could scratch the delicate skin around your ear and cause irritation.

6) Avoid touching your pierced ears while they are still wet; doing so could cause burns or even infection.

Let them air dry naturally instead of trying to put them back into their original positions right away!

7) While your ear is healing, you should limit the amount of times you change your earrings.

You can wear them during the day but remove them before you go to sleep. This will give the skin around your ears some time to breathe and recover from the trauma of getting pierced.

8) While you can wear any type of earring after your ears have healed completely, you should remove hoop earrings while you sleep.

Hoop earrings can tug on your earlobes while you toss and turn during the night. Over time this could cause them to rip or tear, which would be extremely painful and difficult to repair!

9) Always remove your earrings when you bathe, swim or use a sauna.

Water and other liquids can damage your piercing, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and making it difficult to wear earrings in the future.

10) The skin around your earlobes may turn dark after you get your ears pierced. This happens because the earrings rub against the skin, creating friction and changing the skin’s color. You can prevent this by wearing only stud earrings or changing your earrings every couple of days.

If your ears do change color, you can return them to their natural color by using a mild skin cream.