Tomato Allergies and Recipes

What are the symptoms of tomato allergy?

Symptoms of tomato allergy include:

Itchy skin rash like rash on your face, neck or arms. You may feel itchy after eating tomatoes. Itching sensation when you touch something with your hands or feet.

Your mouth might become dry and cracked if you eat tomatoes. You may experience itching sensation in your throat, nose, eyes and ears. If you have had any contact with tomatoes then these symptoms will increase significantly.

How do I treat tomato allergy?

If you have been affected by tomato allergy then there are some things which can be done to cure it. These remedies are all natural and effective. They will work quickly and effectively in curing the symptoms of tomato allergy. There is no need to go to doctor because they are available at home too. Here is how you can cure tomato allergy:

1) Eat only organic tomatoes and avoid pasteurized ones.

2) Avoid touching anything with tomato smell.

3) Wash your hands often while handling tomatoes.

(You can use soap and water).

4) Drink plenty of water and drink lots of milk.

Milk contains lactose which helps to relieve the symptoms of tomato allergy.

5) Wear gloves while working with tomatoes.

This will prevent you from having contact with tomato allergens.

6) Try to avoid contact with anything that contains tomato.

7) Do not touch your face after touching tomatoes.

8) If you wear glasses, then clean them as much as you can so that you do not suffer from itchy eyes.

9) Try not to touch or scratch your body while you are having allergy symptoms.

10) Use cold compress on the itchy areas. This helps to relieve the unpleasant itching sensation.

What is tomato allergy rash?

Tomato Allergy causes rash on different parts of your body that have been affected by an allergic reaction. The most common areas where a rash will appear are the face and neck. Rashes on other parts of the body can also be tomato allergy.

Tomato Allergy rash pictures:

In this part we will see pictures of tomato allergy rash on legs, arms and face. The rash pictures can help you to identify any symptoms of allergic reaction that you have after eating tomatoes or coming in contact with them in any way.

These pictures can help you identify whether or not you are having allergic reaction to tomatoes. In some cases the rash may not appear even if you have an allergy.

Here are some pictures of allergic reactions to tomato:

1) In this picture, we can see that the person has a red rash on his face.

It is a light red patch that appears in the middle part of his face.

2) In this picture, we can see the rash on the neck of a person.

The neck may itch or become red if there is an allergic reaction to something.

3) In this picture, you can see a rash on the arms of a person.

The rash is spread over the forearm area and looks red in color.

4) This person has a rash on her leg as a result of allergic reaction to tomato.

It is itchy and uncomfortable.

5) This person has an allergic reaction to tomato on his neck.

The rash is a little bit more visible in this picture than it is in the previous one. It seems to be itchy.

6) This person has a rash on his hand.

It is a red patch and very uncomfortable.

7) This person has a rash on her legs.

It is spread over the thighs and looks red in color. The person seems to be in pain.

8) This rash is on a girl’s face as a result of allergic reaction to tomato.

It is very itchy and uncomfortable. The girl does not want to touch her face because it hurts.

9) This person also has rash on her face.

It is very visible and painful as well.

10) A rash appears on the neck of this person as a result of allergic reaction to tomato. The rash is not very visible in this picture because of the person’s clothing.

Diagnosing tomato allergy:

Tomato Allergy can be diagnosed by identifying the symptoms of allergic reaction to tomatoes. If you are allergic to tomatoes, then you may experience itching, swelling and rashes on various parts of your body after eating them or coming in contact with them in any way. You also experience painful and swollen lips when you eat ripened tomatoes.

You can confirm the diagnosis of tomato allergy by doing a skin patch test. In this test, a mix of something that you may be allergic to is applied on your skin on the back. If you are allergic to it, then you will experience an itchy and raised bumpy rash at the spot where the mix was placed after 24 hours.

After identifying the symptoms and confirming the diagnosis, your doctor will ask you to avoid eating tomatoes or products that may contain tomatoes.

Treating tomato allergy:

If you are diagnosed with tomato allergy, your doctor will advice you to avoid tomatoes in your diet. You should also wash your hands immediately after touching or cutting tomatoes so that the juice does not enter your eyes as it can lead to swelling and itching.

Once you have avoided tomatoes, the symptoms of the allergy will disappear within a few weeks. The skin will return to its normal state and you will again become able to eat tomatoes without any trouble.

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