Tips for Staying Awake at Work

Tips for staying awake at work night shift:

1) Take a nap!

(You will get sleepy quickly!)

2) If you are really tired, go to bed early.

You need to wake up early enough so you can leave your house before the alarm goes off.

3) Try not to think too much while sleeping.

Just relax and drift into dreamland.

4) Avoid TV, movies, video games or any other kind of entertainment.

These things keep us from falling asleep. Instead try to read a book or watch something relaxing like music videos.

5) Sleep with headphones on.

This way you can listen to some soothing music without disturbing others around you.

6) Keep your bedroom dark and quiet.

Don’t turn on lights, make sure there is nothing moving around you.

7) Do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes during the day time.

They may cause you to fall asleep faster than usual.

8) Make sure you don’t have any phone calls or emails during the night.

These things may disturb your sleep even if they aren’t waking you up immediately.

9) Try to go to sleep at a regular time everyday (such as 11pm).

Your body gets used to this routine and it should help you fall asleep quicker.

10) Get rid of all your worries and concerns. We often have thoughts about our future or past during the night that keep us awake.

Instead think about simple things like a white blank wall, or the feel of silk. These things are relaxing and easy on the mind.

12) Don’t think about not falling asleep! This will only stress you out and keep you awake.

Instead focus on your breathing or try counting sheep.

13) Try to clear your mind of all thoughts. Think of yourself floating in a dark void, free from worry or stress.

When you drift into sleep this way, your dreams should be more peaceful.

14) Don’t drink any coffee or consume any other kind of stimulant. These things may keep you from falling asleep, but they won’t keep you from waking up.

Consuming these items in the day will also make you more alert.

15) Keep the lights on if you are trying to stay awake during the day. The softer light helps keep us asleep rather than keeping us awake.

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