Tips and Benefits for Running at Night

Tips and Benefits for Running at Night

Running at night is not only beneficial for your health but it’s also great fun! You can run faster, farther, longer and with less fatigue than when you’re out during the day. There are many reasons why you might want to start running at night:

• You live in a city where there aren’t enough lights around. So running at night will save your eyes from glare (and keep them healthy).

• Your body needs some time to recover between activities. If you do something strenuous before bedtime, your muscles need a rest period. By doing things like running at night, you’ll get plenty of sleep without having to rush through your workout routine.

• You don’t have too much daylight left in the evening and you’d rather spend it with friends or family instead of going out and wasting it on drinking or partying.

• You feel tired and sluggish at night because you’ve been working all day long. Running at night will give your body a break so you can recharge yourself properly.

The best thing about running at night?

No one notices if you’re running or walking around in the dark!

How to Start Running At Night?

There are several ways to go about starting running at night. If you normally run at the crack of dawn, just move your run time back an hour or two at a time. For some people, that’s all it takes to adjust their internal clock. If you don’t want to wake up early, then you should plan your running for the afternoon. After you reach your desired time (let’s say 6pm for this example), don’t run any earlier than that time.

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