Thinking About a Septum Piercing

What Should You Know About a Septum Piercing?

A piercing is any object inserted into or through the body to provide temporary sensation. There are many types of piercings such as: earlobes, nose rings, tongue rings, eyebrow studs, etc. Most piercings have some sort of benefit for the wearer. Some benefits include protection from infection and/or pain relief; others may improve sexual pleasure or appearance. A few examples of common piercings include:

Ankle rings (to prevent ankle sprains)

Eye piercings (for improved vision)

Nose ring (to reduce the risk of getting infected gingivitis)

Urethral piercing (for preventing pregnancy)

 The Benefits of Piercing Your Body with a Tongue Ring or Earring:

 The Benefits of Piercing Your Body With An Eye Stud or Nipple Stud:

How Does a Septum Piercing Work?

The purpose of a piercing is to give the wearer sensation. When the skin around your body is pierced, it allows you to feel sensations in different places on your body. For example, when you put a ring or stud into your nostril, you will be able to taste something sweet without having to chew. By putting an eye stud into your eyes, you will see things clearly without being blinded by light.

During a piercing, a needle is used to pierce your skin and then a ring or some other type of jewelry is put through the newly created hole. The jewelry is either attached to your body in some way or it remains on the outside of your body, providing you with different sensations when you touch it. When the jewelry is touching your skin, different nerves in your body provide you with pleasurable sensations, like those that you would experience during foreplay.

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