The Watermelon Diet: Fact or Fiction

Answer: Potassium is essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that aids digestion and aids in lowering cholesterol levels.

Question: Do you think drinking watermelon juice helps with weight loss?

Answer: No, not at all. It’s just another way to get rid of those extra pounds!

Question: Does eating watermelons cause any side effects?

Answer: Eating watermelons may cause diarrhea if consumed too frequently.

Question: If I drink watermelon juice every once in awhile, won’t my body absorb the potassium and fiber from it?

Answer: Yes, but only after you have eaten something else.

Question: Can I eat fruit everyday without worrying about losing weight?

Answer: Absolutely not! Fruit is high in sugar and calories. It is best to eat it only once every three days or so.

Question: What happens if I continue to eat watermelons and nothing else?

Answer: You’ll eventually become a watermelon yourself!

Question: Does it matter what size of watermelon I eat?

Answer: No, size doesn’t matter.

Question: Will drinking more water help with weight loss?

Answer: It will, but only if you drink it instead of juice or soda. Drinking more water won’t help you lose weight.

Question: What is watermelon’s effect on the heart?

Answer: It has been proven that watermelons do not affect the heart.

Question: Will drinking more water help me lose weight?

Answer: No, you must burn more calories than you take in.

Question: Can I eat as many watermelons as I want?

Answer: Yes, but remember to not go overboard!

Question: Is it okay to have watermelon instead of breakfast?

Answer: Yes, but only if you follow it up with a healthy lunch and dinner.

Question: Will drinking more water help burn fat and lose weight?

Answer: No, but it will help keep your body hydrated.

Question: Will drinking more water help eliminate toxins from my body and help me lose weight?

Answer: No, that is a myth. Water will not eliminate toxins from your body.

Question: Can I have a whole bunch of watermelons?

Answer: Yes, but we don’t recommend you do that.

Question: Can I eat only watermelon for 1 month and lose weight?

Answer: No, you need to eat a well-balanced diet.

Question: Will having watermelon for breakfast help me lose weight?

Answer: No, it’s not magic, you still need to burn more calories than you take in.

Question: Will watermelon help me burn fat and lose weight?

Answer: No, it has no special fat-burning properties.

Question: Does watermelon aid in weight loss or block pounds gained from sugary foods?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question: Does it matter if the watermelon is cut up or whole?

Answer: It doesn’t matter if it’s cut up.

Question: Does watermelon stop the body from absorbing fat or stop the body from storing fat?

Answer: No, watermelon doesn’t prevent the body from absorbing or storing fat.

Question: Does it matter how much water I have per day?

Answer: Yes, you must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Question: Does it matter what time of the day I eat my watermelon?

Answer: It’s best if you eat it in the morning or afternoon.

Question: Does it matter what color the watermelon is?

Answer: No, all colors of watermelons have the same effect.

Question: Does it matter how old the watermelon is?

Answer: No, it is best to eat watermelons that are ripe.

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Watermelon For Weight Loss? Question: can watermelon help with weight loss?

Answer: Yes, it can.

Question: Is it the sugar in watermelons that help with weight loss?

Answer: Watermelons do not have sugar, but a carbohydrate called “Fructose”. Fructose is sugar, but it has a lower glycemic index than refined sugars.

Question: is it the color of the rind that affects weight loss?

Answer: No, but the darker the rind, the more nutrients the watermelon has.

Question: Is it the seeds that help with weight loss?

Answer: Yes, the seeds contain “Protein”.

Question: Should I cut the watermelon and eat it or drink it?

Answer: Eating it or drinking it will have the same effect.

Question: What time of day should I eat watermelon to lose weight?

Answer: Anytime is good, but if you have trouble sleeping then it is best to eat or drink it an hour before you sleep.

Question: Is the weight loss permanent?

Answer: It’s never permanent, unless you keep eating watermelon.

Question: Will watermelon give me diarrhea?

Answer: It won’t give you diarrhea, but it can lead to diarrhea. It all depends on the person. The rind of the watermelon can have a laxative effect on some people.

Question: Will it give me gas or make it worse?

Answer: It may give you gas or it may worsen the symptoms of gas you already have. Like diarrhea, it all depends on the person.

Question: How much watermelon do I need to eat to lose weight?

Answer: You must eat at least 8 ounces of watermelon per day in order to lose weight.

Question: Do I need to refrigerate the watermelon before eating it?

Answer: No, you do not.

Question: Is there any other way to lose weight without eating watermelon?

Answer: Yes, there is a way to accelerate the effects of watermelons without actually eating them.

Question: Does it work for only women or all genders?

Answer: It works for all genders.

Question: How does it work without eating watermelons?

Answer: You chew and swallow 8 ounces of watermelon flesh, then you hold it in your mouth under your tongue, and let it sit there under your tongue for 60 seconds without swallowing.

Question: How do you know this process works?

Answer: I saw a program on television that tested different fruits to see which were best for weight loss. The conclusion was watermelons were the best.

Question: Will eating the entire watermelon itself make me gain weight?

Answer: Yes, it probably will.

Question: Is there any side effect to chewing and holding watermelon under my tongue?

Answer: There are no known side effects.

Question: How long do I have to hold it there?

Answer: You must hold it there for 60 seconds without swallowing.

Question: Can I eat anything in between chewing the flesh of a watermelon and holding it under my tongue?

Answer: No, if you chew anything else the effects will be nullified.

Question: Is it safe?

Answer: Yes, it is safe.

Question: How long do the effects last?

Answer: The effects last for 1 hour after you finish swallowing the watermelon flesh or spitting it out.

Question: What if I don’t like the taste of watermelon?

Answer: You get used to the taste, like anything else.

Question: How soon will I see results?

Answer: You should see results within a week if you follow the instructions properly.

Question: Will I lose weight if I do this every day?

Answer: You will lose weight eventually, but the effects will be slow and possibly not permanent without incorporating eating watermelon as well.

Question: Where can I buy watermelons?

Answer: You might be able to find them at a local grocery store, especially in the summer. Otherwise your next best bet would be a local farm.

Question: Are the seeds bad for me?

Answer: No, the seeds are perfectly fine to eat and in fact they are more nutritious than the flesh.

Question: Is it necessary to eat the seeds as well?

Answer: No, just the flesh is enough.

Question: Will I experience diarrhea or any other negative side effects from eating too much watermelon?

Answer: You may experience diarrhea if you eat too much of anything. The watermelon is healthy for you so there are no real negative side effects, just try not to over do it.

Question: If I have a family history of prostate or bladder cancer should I still follow this program?

Answer: It’s up to you. The watermelon has been shown to prevent these types of cancers, but if you feel threatened by it, then you probably shouldn’t follow this program. Question: How fast will this method bring about weight loss?

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