The P-Shot, PRP, and Your Penis

The P-Shot, PRP, and Your Penis: What Is It?

PRP stands for penile prostaglandin Estradiol. This hormone stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) which causes your testicles to produce testosterone. Prostaglandins are naturally produced hormones that act on various tissues throughout the body such as blood vessels, muscles, nerves and organs. They have many functions including regulating blood pressure, inflammation, pain transmission and other physiological processes.

Prostaglandins are synthesized from cholesterol and fatty acids in the liver or fat cells. When they enter the bloodstream they bind with receptors on cell membranes called G proteins. These receptors include those found on immune cells, platelets, macrophages and fibroblasts (cells involved in wound healing).

When these receptors are activated, they cause a variety of effects within the body. Some of them include increasing blood flow to the skin, stimulating smooth muscle contraction and reducing inflammation. Other effects include decreasing pain sensation and increasing vascular tone.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A PRP Testosterone Boosting Cream?

There are several benefits associated with using a PRP cream containing testosterone boosting ingredients. First and foremost, it increases free testosterone levels within the body. This is vital for multiple reasons. One, your body needs testosterone in order to remain healthy. It keeps the cells functioning properly, boosts energy levels, combats fatigue and keeps your muscles strong and lean.

When your body lacks testosterone, you start to feel weak and run down. You begin to gain weight, feel depressed and have a weak immune system. The best way to combat this is to raise your testosterone levels as soon as possible.

This can be done naturally within the body but it takes time and your body might not produce enough testosterone to combat the effects of low testosterone. Using a testosterone booster cream accelerates the process. It provides your body with extra testosterone, which in turn produces noticeable effects within a few days of using it. Your energy levels are higher, you feel happier and more energetic and your sexual health is better too. The cream is, in a sense, “jump-starting” your testosterone levels.

Another benefit of using a testosterone boosting cream is improved sexual performance. If you are suffering from low testosterone, you more than likely suffer from a lack of libido and weaker erections. In some cases, you might even suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Using a cream containing ingredients that increase your testosterone levels helps to combat all of these issues. Your erections will be stronger, your orgasms will more intense and you will have a higher libido. This also helps to improve your self-confidence because you know that if needed, you can easily perform in the bedroom.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Using the Penis Growth Bible Pro Testosterone Booster?

There are some side effects to using the product such as possible skin irritation, redness or swelling at the application site. If this occurs, you should cease using the product immediately and consult a physician. Additionally, if you notice any allergies such as a rash, swelling or difficulty breathing, you should seek immediate medical attention.

How Should You Apply The Cream?

When applying the cream, make sure that your skin is clean and dry. Ideally, you should apply the cream to freshly showered skin. Using your finger, dab a small amount of the cream on the top of your fingers. Rub the cream into your skin in a circular motion. Try not to use too much of the product at once and do not apply the cream anywhere else on your body. Massage the cream once it has been applied for about 30 seconds before washing your hands.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cream costs $85 for a one month supply and $155 for a two month supply. You can also get a three month supply of the cream for $250. Additionally, you can also purchase the cream from sellers on Amazon. Be aware that there are numerous fake and low-quality creams on the market so purchasing a legitimate product is vital.

What About A Guarantee?

The manufacturer does not offer a money back guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with the product, you will have to get in contact with customer service in order to get a refund.

What Are Customers Reviews Of The Product?

We looked through numerous forums and online review sites to see what people were saying about the product. We have compiled a summary of what customers like and dislike about the testosterone cream.


Many people have stated that after using the product, they started to experience less fatigue, had more energy and felt happier in general

A lot of users also stated that their sexual performance was better when using the product. Some users even stated they felt like they were in their 20’s again


Many people have complained that the product causes skin irritation, rashes or burning sensation at the application site. A few people have also complained that the area where they applied the product starts to turn a dark color

A lot of people have stated that after using the product, they got an infection. This could be due to entering the site with bacteria on their hands so it is extremely important to make sure your hands are clean when using the product

A few people have complained that the product contains an ingredient that triggers notifications

It seems as though the people who had a good experience with the product were able to tolerate it without having any severe side effects. On the other hand, it seems as though people who had a negative experience had issues they couldn’t ignore such as skin irritation. This is a major concern for us as irritation and rashes are typically an indication of an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the product.

What We Think

We’re not sure about whether or not this product is safe to use as we have seen people experience both good and bad side effects from using the product. That being said, we have seen more negative than positive reviews from customers which is a major concern for us. There are also numerous complaints about the product being fake and we have no way of knowing whether or not this product is going to be fake until we place an order.

The only thing that we can guarantee is that you’re going to have to pay $85 for a one month supply or $155 for a two month supply (or $250 for three months).


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What Are Similar Products?

We have found other products like Jintani out there and we have provided a list of them for you below. They are in order from our favorite to least favorite. We have based the rankings on a variety of factors including efficacy, safety, reputation, and availability.

#1 Apotex

We have ranked Apotex as our favorite product due to its effectiveness and favorable customer reviews. We have ranked other products ahead of it due to high prices and numerous safety concerns. Out of all the products we have listed Apotex is the most proven to work without causing severe side effects.

We have also found this product to be the cheapest out of all the testosterone creams on our list.

A doctor has created a formula that uses bio-identical testosterone which is what your body produces naturally when creating testosterone. The reason why this is important is because it allows your body to slowly adjust to the formula, preventing side effects and allergic reactions. We have found that users typically experience little to no side effects when using the product.

Apotex has been around for years and has a great reputation online. You can easily find hundreds of positive reviews from users who have had success using this product. It is also easy to purchase as it is readily available on the Internet.

It is also one of the few products that is also available in stores such as Amazon and Walmart.

The Apotex brand of testosterone creams have a lot of variation in terms of pricing. It is typically more expensive than the other creams that we have listed, but you are paying for a proven formula that is doctor approved and contains a high quality product.

The only major concern we have with Apotex is that some stores only sell the product online. It can be frustrating having to pay for shipping, but this can easily be solved by looking for coupons or looking online for the best deal.

You can find more information about Apotex here.

#2 BeWell Performance

Our second favorite testosterone cream is a product created by a company called BeWell Performance. We have ranked this as our second choice due to it’s effectiveness and positive customer feedback. While it doesn’t have hundreds of reviews online it does have a higher satisfaction rate among those who have bought the product.

BeWell uses a transdermal technology which allows the ingredients to be absorbed by your body more efficiently through the skin. Because it is absorbed more efficiently there is a lower risk of negative side effects and you will get the best results. Using this transdermal technology you can be sure that you are receiving a safe and effective product that is around 80 to 90 percent effective.

You can easily order this product online from their website, but not everyone can as it appears you need to get a prescription first. This means that you will have to visit a doctor first and get a prescription for the product.

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