The Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2020

The Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2020

Best Free Quit Smoking App Reviewed By: mr_mikey

1. SmokeFree – $2.

99 (Android)

SmokeFree is one of the most popular and well known stop smoking apps available today. With over 2 million downloads, it’s no wonder why it’s so widely used! SmokeFree is a simple yet effective way to help you kick your addiction to cigarettes and other tobacco products.

It’s not just a tool to help you quit; it’s a complete solution. You’ll discover how easy it is to use, and how much control you have over your life. All of this comes at no cost whatsoever. No ads or in-app purchases are required to enjoy SmokeFree, which means there will always be something new and fun for you to do with SmokeFree!


• Easy-to-use interface makes quitting easier than ever before!

• Track your progress towards stopping smoking.

• Set daily goals and milestones to keep yourself motivated.

If you’re looking for a truly comprehensive tool to help you quit smoking, then SmokeFree is definitely the right choice for you!

Download now from Google Play Store!

2. KWIT – $4.

99 (iOS)

KWIT is an innovative and powerful stop smoking app designed specifically for iPhone users. It has proven to be a popular and effective tool to help people around the world become smoke free!

KWIT is much more than just another stop smoking app. It’s packed full of great features that will help you become smoke free within your own personal timeline. With KWIT you’ll get:

A Daily Coach: KWIT’s Daily Coach will motivate you and keep you focused on becoming smoke free. Through persistent negative reinforcement and positive reinforcement, you’ll reach your goal of becoming smoke free.

A Motivational Feature: Throughout your journey with KWIT, you’ll see motivationally inspiring messages that will keep you focused on your goals.

KWIT’s Social Aspect: KWIT allows you to connect with friends and family members who are also quitting smoking. You can give them encouragement and support when they need it most.

KWIT’s Timeline: KWIT’s Timeline feature allows you to set a specific date to become smoke free. You can then follow your progress towards that goal and visually see how much progress you’ve already made.

Achievements: These are goals that you’ll earn as you succeed in your journey to quit smoking.

Download KWIT Now!

3. Smoke Away – $1.

99 (iOS)

The Smoke Away App is a personal stop smoking coach that will help you kick the habit for good! You’ll have access to a wide range of features designed to help you quit, and also be able to track your progress.

You can choose the amount of time you want to use the app for, which is great if you’re using it to help with a specific event or goal. You can also choose between different types of smoking cessation including “Cold Turkey” or “Cut Down”.

The app also has an optional hypnosis feature to help you curb your cravings. The hypnosis is customizable so that it works for you and your lifestyle.

Download Smoke Away Now!

4. Stop Smoking – free (Android)

Stop Smoking is a simple and easy to use program that will help you quit smoking.

The app includes the following functionality:

* Smoke alarm – set a date to stop smoking and Stop Smoking will turn on loud alarm every morning at the time you specify. This way you need to physically get out of bed, go turn it off and you’ll already feel out of breath. Then you can start your day feeling positive and strong in your attempt to quit.

* Statistics – carefully monitor how long you’ve been smoke-free with Stop Smoking’s statistic tracker.

* Cigarettes left – Keeps a count of how many cigarettes you have left to smoke.


Mood tracker – want to make sure you have the right mindset when you attempt to stop smoking?

Keep track of your mood with the easy to use mood tracker.

Download Stop Smoking Now!

5. Mood Tracker – free (Android)

The Mood Tracker App is the easiest way to keep track of your daily moods.

This app includes a simple Graph Screen that allows you to easily visualize your highs and lows. There are no complicated questions or multi-screen interfaces to confuse or complicate things. Everything is kept simple so you can quickly jot down your mood each day.

The best part about the Mood Tracker app is that it’s completely customizable.

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