The 3-Day Fix to Resetting Your Gut for Good

Gut Cleanse: How To Get Rid Of Bad Bacteria?

The three day gut cleanse is one of the most popular methods to reset your digestive system. The idea behind it is simple; you fast for three days, then eat only healthy foods for the remaining two days. You will experience a rapid improvement in your health and overall well being. It’s not just good for weight loss either!

It seems like such a great idea, but there are some issues with the method. First of all, many people don’t stick to their diet for the full three days because they feel too hungry during those first few hours after eating.

They may even skip meals altogether. If you’re one of them, here’s what you need to do:

1) Eat Healthy Foods For Three Days Only – No Junk Food Or Fattening Drinks During That Time!

If you want to go through with the three day gut cleanse, make sure you eat healthy food for at least three whole days. Avoid anything high in sugar or fat, including soda and other fattening drinks.

Also avoid fried foods (unless they’re low-fat), fatty meats, processed meat products, dairy products, eggs and any other animal product. These types of foods cause inflammation in your body which leads to chronic disease later on down the road.

2) Don’t Eat Too Much Or Too Little – You Can’t Eat Too Little, But You Can Always Eat Too Much!

Because you’ll be skipping breakfast during the three day cleanse, you’re already missing out on a meal. You don’t want to skip any more meals than you have to so make sure you eat a small lunch or dinner if you get too hungry.

On the other hand, overeating is something you really don’t want to do either. You can eat until you’re “full”, but never stuff yourself. Overeating can cause the opposite of what you want to happen, and that’s weight gain.

3) Drink Water During The Three Days – Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water is essential to good health so don’t neglect this habit now. You’ll probably feel hunger pangs the first day, but after that subsides you should start feeling pretty good.

You might even feel a little better than usual!

4) Never Use This As A Meal Plan Replacement – You Need To Eat Healthily At All Other Times!

This is not a viable meal replacement plan! The three day cleanse is a good way to reset your body, but it’s not something you can use all the time.

The lack of nutrition will probably make you feel really tired and you won’t have the energy to exercise or perform normal daily activities. This plan is something you can do once a month at the very most.

As long as you use common sense and don’t abuse this three day cleanse, it’s a great way to jump start a fad. You’ll lose weight quickly and you can always add more nutritional foods back into your diet after the cleanse is over.

You might even want to keep a record of what you eat during the cleanse so you know what does and doesn’t work for your body.

If you don’t want to do the three day cleanse, then you can always try a different one. We’ve listed some other options down below.

Pick the one that seems the most appealing to you or just choose a different day count.

Some people think drinking only juice for a few days is enough to jump start a fad, but it isn’t a good long-term option. It’s okay to do every once in a while (maybe once a month or so), but it isn’t something you want to do all the time.

There isn’t enough nutrition in fresh fruit and vegetable juice for you to rely on it as your only source of food. You need real food as well.

One of the reasons why this three day cleanse is so popular is because it’s easy to remember. If you’re not good at remembering things, this is a great way to make sure you don’t forget about your diet.

Because you’re drinking juice, it doesn’t take as long for food to move through your digestive system so you’ll be eliminating more waste from your body. This will help reduce bloat and keep you feeling light and energetic.

3-day juice cleanse

This is a slightly different way of doing the three day cleanse. This one still involves drinking only juice, but you’ll be drinking more than just fruit juice and you can add as much water as you want.

The three day plan recommends that you don’t add any water at all. Some people think that this allows your body to get some hydration while still losing weight.

Adding water is completely up to you. Some might find that water makes the juice taste better while others don’t want to add anything to it at all.

You can also decide how much fruit juice and how much water you want to drink each hour. It’s not a set measurement so you get to have complete control over what you put in your body.

You can make one glass of juice and water, two glasses of juice and no water, or just water by itself.

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