Tensilon Test

Tensilon Test: A New Drug Class?

The first time I heard about tensilon test was when my friend told me about it. She mentioned that she had been taking it for some months with no side effects. At the time I didn’t believe her since there were many other drugs out there which claimed similar things, but at least they worked! But then one day after a few weeks of using them, she suddenly started having seizures. They stopped after a while, but she still suffered from severe brain damage. After being taken off life support, doctors found that she had suffered from a massive overdose of tensilon.

I don’t want to go into too much details because I’m sure you’re curious yourself, so let’s just say that she died shortly afterwards. Her death was very sudden and unexpected. What really made me think about this drug was the fact that it wasn’t even listed as a known drug in any medical book I could find. It just appeared out of nowhere and killed someone without warning or explanation.

That’s not something you see every day…

But what if these drugs are safe? Isn’t it possible that they work exactly like advertised? And isn’t it possible that there are other unknown compounds out there which might have similar properties?

I think that tensilon test has many more uses which haven’t been found yet. All of these drugs are related to each other and work on the same basic concept, but I think that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In particular, I’m talking about ameliorative test.

The best thing about these drugs is the fact that doctors don’t need to worry about potential overdose deaths since they’re practically harmless. But this is something relatively new. In fact, tensilon test has only been out for about twenty years. That means we haven’t had enough time to find out ALL of its uses and effects.

I believe that tensilon test has side effects which we haven’t completely seen or discovered yet. This means we need to do more research, and I’m thinking that we might need to start with ameliorative test. It’s related to tensilon test, so it should produce similar effects.

I’m no doctor but I’m relatively certain about this theory. These drugs have the potential to revolutionize medicine as we know it. If they work the way I think they do then things like chemo therapy could be a thing of the past. For a while now doctors have been looking for a cure for cancer.

Well, I think I might have found it. It’s just that no one is taking me seriously…

At the moment tensilon test is only used in extreme cases where patients are already at death’s door.

They’re practically dead anyway so doctors might as well try experimental drugs on them right?

If tensilon test works then they could come back from the dead! But of course, the side effects are a bit… severe. They include things like organ failure, loss of motor control, hallucinations, amnesia, and many other nasty things. Some patients even come back from the dead… but just as zombies.

The funny thing is that these medical experiments are completely legal! The government says that they’re fine as long as they’re only used in emergency cases. The funny thing about this is that tensilon test was originally used as a truth serum. It makes people tell the truth, and I’m not talking about just telling the truth about sensitive personal information.

I mean life story, likes, dislikes, everything. Of course it also kills people but that’s hardly the point when you’re dead anyway.

What we need are more human test subjects. This is a dilemma in and of itself since ethical committees are a thing of the past, and there haven’t been any living humans available to use as test subjects since forever.

However, the government has found a solution for this. You might have heard of the “abominations” that have been appearing recently. Officially, the government has claimed it’s a plague of unknown origin which causes people to become hyper aggressive and violent. Unofficially, the government is fully aware that these people are simply reanimated corpses.

The funny thing is that the government is actually using these so-called “abominations” as test subjects. I don’t know what the hell they’re saying these “abominations” have except for the fact they’re not really dead and hyper aggressive, but the government claims it has scientific backing which of course it doesn’t. However, they’re hardly human anymore so there are no ethical issues if some die in the process.

The only problem is that these creatures tend to be unstable and explode into hordes easily. Also, the tensilon injections make them more aggressive so they’re harder to control. Still, it’s better than cutting up humans who are still alive for test subjects!

So that’s exactly what you’re going to do if you choose this path. You’re going to raid an abomination hive. The higher-ups have assured me that you’ll have the support of some military personnel as well as a few elite guards. Don’t ask me how the hell zombies became classified as elites but I trust they’ll be able to help.

Now I’m sure what I’ve just told you has probably filled you with a lot of questions and concerns. Don’t worry; you’ll be able to voice them when we meet face to face! In the meantime, start getting ready. You’re going to need to be able to run, fight, and not feel pain for this mission!

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Report on riots in Hive City (p1) Edit


Reports are coming in of riots in Hive City. So far we only know that the rioting began shortly after the executions of several key members of the Loose Cannon Syndicate including their leader Van der Guns. The riots began in the slums and lower class areas of the city but are slowly moving towards the richer areas. Reports say most of the rioters appear to be of a zombie-like nature though this is still unconfirmed.

Civil Protection forces have been dispatched but are having little effect on stopping the riots. We are sending in more guards to assist but as of now it’s the best we can do.

We have yet to pick up any chatter from the city. It’s possible the comms are just too busy to get ahold of the right people but I feel like the city should’ve at least tried to contact us. Maybe they’re afraid if they tell us what’s going on we’ll just nuke them again. Either way I feel like we should send in some scouts just to get a good idea of what’s happening there before we send in more guards.

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Report on abomination testing (p1) Edit


We have successfully tested the tensilene on five abominations. The results were… mixed.

The abominations began moving faster and became more aggressive. Their bites were found to be highly toxic and they were able to shrug off most gunfire. The final test subject was killed by a head shot from fifty meters away. It took nearly a whole clip but it killed it.