Signs of a Controlling Personality

Controlling Personality Traits: What Are They?

The following list contains some of the most common characteristics of a controlling personality. You may have experienced these yourself or you might have heard someone else talk about them. These are just some examples; there are many others out there! There is no right or wrong way to behave. However, if you do exhibit any of these behaviours, it could indicate that you are dealing with a controlling personality.

1) You feel entitled to control everything around you.

You may try to impose your will on other people’s decisions without asking permission first. For example, you might insist that your partner buy something from the store even though she doesn’t want to spend money on unnecessary things. If she objects to this request, then it would be considered disrespectful and not in her best interest.

2) You tend to take charge of situations and make decisions.

This includes making major life changes such as marriage, having children, buying a house etc.

3) You are rigid and inflexible.

This means that you have a hard time compromising or changing your mind. You also don’t like to be told that you are wrong about something. You think that you are always right, even when other people may have a good point.

4) You are goal-oriented and driven.

When you decide to do something, nothing will stop you from accomplishing your task. If someone questions your authority or suggests that you do something differently, it will be taken as a personal attack on your character.

5) You hold other people to your high standards of behavior.

You don’t understand why they can’t be more like you. This is a type of one-way thinking called “black and white” (or “all or nothing”) thinking. It sets unrealistic expectations for others and then makes you angry when they are unable to comply.

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