Shoulder Mobility Exercises and Stretches

Stretching your shoulders is very beneficial for many reasons. It helps you to move better and it keeps your body in good condition. There are various stretches that can be used to stretch out the muscles of the upper back, neck, lats and traps. These stretches can also help reduce pain when doing any kind of physical activity or even just sitting around all day long. You will need some sort of stretching equipment if you want to do these types of stretches properly though.

There are several different types of stretches that can be done. Some of them include:

The first type of stretches is called the static holds. Static holds involve holding a position for a period of time without moving at all. They are great for relieving tension in specific areas such as the neck, traps, lower back and shoulders.

Static holds are best performed while lying down or standing up straight. If you have trouble getting into a comfortable position then try performing them on a chair or bench. Do not use weights for these stretches as they may cause injury.

Another type of stretches is known as dynamic holds. Dynamic holds involve actively moving through various positions during the duration of the hold. They are useful for relieving tension in specific areas such as the neck, traps, lats and shoulders.

These stretches are best done with some type of equipment. You can use a broom handle or even a table for these types of stretches. Hold the position for a period of time and then repeat the cycle several times.

The last type of stretch is known as the active isolated stretch. This involves stretching a particular area by only moving the arm or leg that is on that side of the body. This stretch is usually held for a period of time and then repeated on the other side of the body.

These stretches can be performed anywhere and only requires you to have some space to move around in. It is important to only move as far as feels comfortable though. You should never feel pain when performing an active isolated stretch.

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