Pimple on Scrotum: What You Should Know

What Is A Black Dot On My Scrotum?

Black dot on scrotum refers to a small black spot or lesion on your scrotal skin. Black dots are not always present and they may appear only when you have been sweating heavily during the day. There are different types of black spots on your scrotum. They include:

1) Blood spots – These are dark red to black spots which look like blood stains.

They usually occur in areas where there is a high amount of sweat glands such as underarms, groin area, armpits and back.

2) Bumps – These are small dark reddish brown to black bumps which are sometimes found near the groin area.

Sometimes these bumps become larger over time and may even cover part of your testicles or scrotum.

3) Pigmented Spot – These are dark spots which resemble a bruise.

They may appear anywhere on your body but most commonly around the genitals, inner thighs and buttocks.

4) Scars – These are dark marks or scars which resemble bites or scratches.

They may appear on any part of your body including the face, chest, arms and legs.

How Do I Get Rid Of Black Dots On My Scrotum?

You should see a doctor if you have any type of black dots on your scrotum as they may indicate the presence of a sexually transmitted infection, genital warts or even skin cancer. Genital warts are contagious and can be spread by sexual contact. The good news is that genital warts are highly curable and do not pose any serious health risks.

How Do I Get Boils On My Scrotum?

Your scrotum is particularly prone to boils. Usually, boils or furuncles appear on the scrotum after the testicles have been compressed for an extended period of time between the thighs. The body’s immune system then reacts by sending white blood cells to the affected area.

You should see a doctor if you get a single boil as this may be a sign of a more serious medical condition such as a fungal infection or even cancer.

How Do I Get A Cyst On My Scrotum?

A cyst on the scrotum is a non-cancerous sac which contains liquid, air or pus. They most commonly appear in young men between the age of 10 and 30 and are particularly common in overweight males.

If you have a scrotal cyst you should seek medical attention as they can cause serious discomfort and in some cases the cyst may burst causing severe pain and extensive swelling. If left untreated, a scrotal cyst can lead to an infection in the testicle and infertility.

How Do I Get A Seborrheic Dermatitis Infection On My Scrotum?

A seborrheic dermatitis infection of the scrotum is very common in newborn babies. In fact, it is one of the most common skin conditions to affect newborn babies. In babies, this type of rash appears as red patches on the upper part of the diaper area and sometimes even spreads to the thighs and genitals. It looks like an adult case of dandruff.

While the rash can be itchy for the baby, it is not life threatening. The rash can be treated with a mild steroid cream such as hydrocortisone.

How Do I Get A Fungal Infection On My Scrotum?

A fungal infection of the scrotum is very rare but if it occurs it is usually a sign of a more serious underlying condition such as diabetes, poor immune system or even AIDS. A fungal infection usually appears as a patch of red, itchy skin which may be dry or moist.

If you have any signs of a fungal infection you should seek medical treatment right away as fungal infections have been known to spread throughout the body.

How Do I Get A Scabies Infection On My Scrotum?

Scabies is a very itchy skin rash which is caused by a mite. The mite that causes scabies burrows into your skin and lays thousands of eggs. The most common symptom of scabies is a series of tiny burrows which look like the tracks of a miniature railway. These burrows appear particularly on the hands, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles but can appear anywhere on the body.

Scabies is very contagious and is spread through direct skin-to-skin contact. You are most at risk of getting scabies from someone who has the rash but anyone can get scabies even if there are no symptoms. You are also at risk of getting scabies from using items such as clapped out hand towels or bed linen on which an infected person has laid hands.

If you think you have scabies you should not go near other people and see your doctor immediately! You should also avoid using shared towels and bed linen for the course of the treatment. There is a treatment for scabies called Permethrin, which needs to be applied to the whole body except the head and left on the skin for at least 8 hours.

You will also need to carefully vacuum every surface you can in your home.

How Do I Get An STD On My Scrotum?

STDs such as genital warts, herpes and syphilis are all able to appear on the scrotum, groin or thighs. If you think you may have an STD it is very important that you get tested by a doctor and most importantly avoid having any sexual contact until you have been cleared.

STDs can be very serious and in some cases lead to permanent scars and health issues. Just because you may have an STD does not mean that you have caught anything from your partner and they may in fact have nothing at all, so do not jump to conclusions.

It is best to always practice safe sexual contact with an opposite or same gender partner and always wear a latex barrier such as condoms, dental dams or latex gloves.

How Do I Get A Yeast Infection On My Scrotum?

A yeast infection can appear on the scrotum, in the pubic hair area or around the head of the genitals. It is possible for a man to get a yeast infection from having sexual contact with a woman who has a yeast infection as the bacteria can transfer from either person.

A man can get an itchy rash around the genitals or in the pubic area. This rash normally looks like red patches of skin which may be dry or moist and can easily be diagnosed by a doctor.

The best way to stop a yeast infection coming back is to always wear cotton underwear and loose clothing. Also, avoid sweating for long periods of time and rinse the groin area with water as often as you can. If you have to wear tight clothing then apply a light layer of talc to the groin area as this will help to keep the skin dry.

Do I Need To See A Doctor If I Get A Burn On My Scrotum?

If you have got a burn on your scrotum then it is best to seek medical attention immediately as burns can cause nasty bacterial infections if they are not treated correctly and left untreated for too long.

A burn on the scrotum can happen for a number of reasons. The most common are using hot water or very hot towels to clean the genitals after going to the bathroom (this is often done in Middle Eastern countries) or a chemical burn from using aftershave or other creams which are too strong for the skin.

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