Organs on the Left Side

Organs on the Left Side

The left side of your body is known as the “respiratory system”. It includes all of the organs which work together to breathe. These include the lungs, heart, liver, spleen and kidneys. All these organs work together to move air into your body.

Left side organs are also called the “respiratory system” because they work with each other. They do not function independently from one another. For example, if you have a lung infection then it affects your breathing ability and may even cause death due to lack of oxygen in your blood stream.

In addition to respiratory systems, there are many other organs that work together. These include the digestive system, urinary tract, skin and hair follicles etc. Some of these organs are located on both sides of your body (the right and left sides).

Pain on Left Side Under Ribs in Front: Pain in Upper Left Side:

When you get a cut or bruise on the left side, it usually hurts worse than when you get such injury elsewhere in your body. This is is because the left side organs are softer and more fragile than other organs. Common complaints of left sided pains are pain in left shoulder, pain in left side ribs, pain in left side under rib cage, pain in lower abdomen, pain in lower left side of abdomen female. The left side of the body has a lot of vital organs as well as other structures.

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