Nitro Coffee: Is Cold Brew Better Than Regular

The Benefits Of Nitro Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is brewed with hot water, which contains small amounts of nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless chemical that’s used in the production of fertilizers and pesticides. It’s also used in rocket fuel, but it’s not commonly found in nature because it would react violently with other substances.

It can’t be produced naturally so it must come from some source such as natural gas or coal. When the nitrogen gas is heated up, it forms carbon dioxide and water vapor. These gases are then collected into a container where they’re left to cool down before being poured out into your cup of coffee.

Nitro Cold Brew Caffeine Content

Coffee beans contain between 1% and 4% caffeine, depending on how much of the bean is ground up. So if you grind up all the coffee beans, you’d have around 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. If you use only whole roasted coffee beans (not ground), the caffeine content would be higher since it includes both the ground and whole beans.

How Much Nitro Cold Brew Does One Use?

One tablespoon of cold brew contains approximately 8 mg of caffeine per serving. That means one tablespoon will give you about eight cups worth of caffeine. Two tablespoons will give you 16 cups worth of caffeine. Three tablespoons will give you 24 cups worth of caffeine, and so on.

Caffeine in Nitro Cold Brew vs Regular Coffee

When you buy a cup of coffee from most places, it usually contains around 100-200 mg of caffeine per serving. This means that three tablespoons of coffee contains three cups worth of caffeine, which isn’t that much more than a single cup of coffee at your local coffee shop.

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