Nipple Fissure: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention, and More

Nipple Fissure Symptoms & Causes

The symptoms of Nipple Fissure are very common. You may experience any one or all of these symptoms:

You feel pain when you touch your nipples. The pain is similar to having a pin prick in them. Sometimes it’s mild and other times it’s severe. It feels like a burning sensation in the area where the skin was cut off from the rest of your body (the “fistula”).

Your nipples are red and swollen. They may bleed easily. Your nipples may even look infected.

When you try to suck on your nipples, they don’t come out right away. You have to force them out with your mouth first before they come out completely. If you’re lucky, you’ll get some milk coming out at least sometimes. Other times, it doesn’t happen at all!

You notice that your nipples are smaller than usual. This means that they haven’t been properly nourished since the wound hasn’t healed yet. Milk production is reduced.

It hurts to wear certain types of clothing such as bras and panties because they make your nipples hurt even more. When you put on tight underwear, you may actually have to stop yourself from crying out in pain!

You may have trouble going to the bathroom because of all the pressure in your groin area. This is especially true for women who are still going through menopause and aren’t done with their periods yet. Constipation may also be a problem.

These are some common causes of Fissure Nipples:

If you’re a new mom and you’re breastfeeding, you need to pump and dump from time to time. Your nipples may get sore while you’re doing this. If you’re not used to pumping and dumping your milk, your nipples may begin to feel painful and start bleeding. While this is not normal, it’s not a huge deal.

It can happen to any mom and it doesn’t mean that you have a serious problem. All you need to do is pump more often so that your let down reflex gets stronger and faster. After a few days of doing this, the pain should go away completely.

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